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Enron Code of Ethics - Wikipedia

caderousse essay The Count of Monte Cristo (French: Le Comte de Monte-Cristo) is an adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas, pere. It is often considered, along with The Three Musketeers , as Dumas' most popular work. The writing of the work was completed in 1844. Like many of his novels, it is expanded from the plot outlines suggested by his collaborating ghostwriter Auguste Maquet. The story takes place in France, Italy, and enron islands in the Mediterranean during the historical events of 1815-1838 (from just before the Hundred Days through the reign of Louis-Philippe of France).

It is is postmodernist primarily concerned with themes of justice, vengeance, mercy, and forgiveness, and is told in the style of an adventure story. Enron Ethic. Dumas got the idea for victorian, The Count of Monte Cristo from a true story, which he found in enron ethic, a memoir written by a man named Jacques Peuchet. Peuchet related the story of a shoemaker named Pierre Picaud, who was living in Paris in 1807. Picaud was engaged to marry a rich woman, but four jealous friends falsely accused him of being a spy for England. He was imprisoned for seven years. During his imprisonment a dying fellow prisoner bequeathed him a treasure hidden in Milan. When Picaud was released in 1814, he took possession of the treasure, returned under another name to computers, Paris and spent ten years plotting his successful revenge against ethic, his former friends. Edmond Dantes, a 19-year-old sailor aboard the ship Pharaon, returns home to Marseille. He is the disappearance of the colony excited to be reunited with his family and friends, and eager to marry his fiancee, the Catalan beauty Mercedes.

He is also proud of his recent promotion to enron, captain. At the same time, he is saddened by the recent death of his friend Captain Leclere, his predecessor. Captain Leclere, a supporter of the now exiled Napoleon, had charged Dantes on his deathbed to deliver a package to former Grand Marshal Marechal Bertrand, who had been exiled to the isle of Elba. During the Pharaon's stop at Elba, Dantes spoke to Napoleon himself, who asked the sailor to deliver a confidential letter to a man in Paris. Edmond's good fortune inspires jealousy in those close to him. His promotion to captain offends the ship's purser, Danglars; his windfall stuns his neighbor, the the disappearance impoverished tailor Caderousse; his relationship with Mercedes inspires the jealousy of her cousin Fernand Mondego, who wants Mercedes for his own. Danglars writes an anonymous letter to the crown prosecutor accusing Dantes of being a Bonapartist, that is, a traitor to the Royalists who are in power. Inflaming his jealousy, he instigates Fernand to send the letter, while Caderousse looks on enron, in a drunken stupor. Villefort, the deputy crown prosecutor in Marseille, assumes the duty of investigating the computers in the office matter on ethic, Dantes' wedding day and on the day of his own betrothal to Renee de Saint-Meran; he indeed finds an incriminating letter. Dantes knows nothing of its contents, only that he was asked to deliver it.

Although at the disappearance of the roanoke first sympathetic to ethic, Dantes' case, when Villefort questions Dantes as to where and to Period Essay example, whom the ethic letter was to be delivered, he discovers to his horror that it is addressed to his own father, Noirtier de Villefort. Due to the political climate created by the restoration of King Louis XVIII, Villefort wants to what art, distance himself from his Bonapartist father. The deputy crown prosecutor burns the letter, which has the potential to fatally hinder his success. Although Villefort would rather not imprison an innocent man, he ultimately chooses to save his political career rather than properly exercise justice and condemns Dantes to life imprisonment in the island prison of the Chateau d'If, using his knowledge of the letter's contents to advance himself and his career at enron ethic the court of Louis XVIII. While in prison, Dantes slowly sinks into despair and finally looks to beliefs, God for salvation. After years of solitary confinement in a small, fetid dungeon, Dantes loses all hope and contemplates suicide by means of starving himself. His will to live is restored, however, by faint sounds of digging. Enron Ethic. Dantes soon begins his own tunnel to reach that of his fellow prisoner, the Documentary, Essay Abbe Faria, an Italian priest whose escape tunnel has strayed in the wrong direction. The two prisoners eventually connect and quickly become inseparable friends. The old man, a gifted scholar as well as a priest, provides Edmond with a comprehensive education in subjects including languages, history, economics, philosophy, and mathematics. Edmond also learns the manners of ethic polite society, growing in what, confidence and sophistication.

Aside from the lessons, the two discuss Edmond's betrayal and piece together the events that placed the young man in his brutal predicament. Both men continue to work assiduously on their tunnel, but the elderly and infirm Faria does not survive to see its completion. Knowing that he would soon die, Faria confides in Dantes the location of a great cache of treasure on the Italian islet of Monte Cristo. After his mentor dies, Dantes uses the opportunity to enron, escape. He moves Faria's body into his own cell and then slips into Faria's body bag. To Dantes surprise, instead of carrying him to the burial ground, as he had expected, the prison guards attach a cannonball to Edmond's feet and throw him into the sea. Rebecca Cammisa's Documentary, Way Home Essay. Edmond plummets, fearfully, from the cliff side, crashing into ethic the cold Mediterranean Sea. Remarkably, and with the help of a sailor's training, Dantes frees himself and Period in America Essay example swims toward a nearby island. A great storm rages, and Edmond is nearly drowned.

The next day, Edmond discovers a shipwreck from the previous evening's storm. Cleverly, Dantes flags down a passing ship and pretends to be its sole survivor. He boards the new vessel and quickly realizes that his comrades are actually a group of smugglers. After months of gaining their trust and respect, Edmond suggests the isle of Monte Cristo as an ideal location to trade smuggled goods. Once on the islet, Edmond feigns an enron, injury, asking to be left behind until the crew can return to pick him up. Although reluctant to leave Edmond, the crew departs. Dantes, alone on the island, is free to search for his hidden treasure. Cammisa's. Edmond's sufferings have had a profound effect on him and even changed his physical appearance--to the enron extent that even his closest friends and former associates would not recognize him.

Intellectually, his studies with the Abbe give him a much greater depth and breadth of knowledge, and his wealth grants him access to the highest levels of the disappearance colony society. Perhaps the greatest change to Dantes is psychological. His betrayal by men whom he had trusted removes the naivete of his idealistic youth and replaces it with the cynicism of enron ethic bitter experience. Ten years after his return to Marseilles, Dantes puts into Rebecca Cammisa's Documentary, action his plan for revenge. He reinvents himself as the Count of enron ethic Monte Cristo, a mysterious, fabulously rich aristocrat. He surfaces first in Rome, where he becomes acquainted with Franz d'Epinay, a young aristocrat, and Albert de Morcerf, Mercedes's and Mondego's son. He subsequently moves to Paris, where he becomes the sensation of the city. Due to his knowledge and rhetorical power, even his enemies find him charming, and because of his status, they all want to Rebecca Way Home Essay, be his friend. Traveling in disguise under the alias of the Abbe Busoni, Monte Cristo first meets Caderousse, now living in poverty, supposedly being punished by God for his jealousy and cowardice in not acting to save Dantes.

Playing on Caderousse's greed, Monte Cristo learns about what has happened since his arrest, and how his other enemies have all become wealthy and prosperous. Since Caderousse has already been punished to enron, some extent, Monte Cristo gives him a diamond that can be either a chance to redeem himself, or a trap that will lead his greed to in the medical office, ruin him. Caderousse's greed leads him into murder, until Monte Cristo frees him and gives him another chance at redemption. He does not take it, and enron becomes a career criminal. Caderousse's greed is the death of him when he is murdered by a confederate - actually the what art illegitimate son of Villefort (see below) - while trying to rob Monte Cristo's house. Monte Cristo then meets Danglars, who has become a banker.

Monte Cristo dazzles him with his seemingly endless wealth, eventually persuades him to extend him 6,000,000 francs credit, and withdraws nine hundred thousand. Under the terms of the arrangement, Monte Cristo can demand access to the remainder of the six million francs (5,100,000 francs) at any time. The Count manipulates the bond market and quickly destroys a large portion of ethic Danglars' fortune. After a few months, all Danglars is art left with is a good reputation and five million francs he is about to repay to a hospital. The Count asks for the five million to fulfill their credit agreement. Danglars' reputation is ruined. He must either default to the Count or default to the hospital. He chooses the latter, giving the Count the five million francs in exchange for ethic, a note for 5,000,000 francs. Danglars flees to Rome to redeem the note for cash and live in anonymous prosperity.

But he is intercepted by the Count's agent, the celebrated bandit Luigi Vampa, and starved into giving up all but 50,000 francs. Dantes confronts Danglars, leaving him shattered but alive. Monte Cristo owns an Albanian slave, Haydee. Her noble father, Ali Pasha, the in America example ruler of Janina, had implicitly trusted Fernand, only to be betrayed by him in enron ethic, a war. After his death, she and her mother were sold into slavery.

The Count manipulates Danglars into researching the event, which is published in a newspaper. Roanoke. As a result, Fernand is brought to trial for his crimes. Haydee testifies against him, and ethic Fernand is disgraced. Mercedes had married Fernand and borne him a son, Albert. She alone recognizes Monte Cristo. Victorian Beliefs. When Albert blames Monte Cristo for his father's downfall and publicly challenges him to a duel, she goes secretly to Monte Cristo and begs him to enron, spare her son. Medical Office. During this interview, she learns the entire truth about why Edmond Dantes had been arrested and enron imprisoned, and later to save both Monte Cristo and Albert reveals the truth to Albert, which causes Albert to make a public apology to christianity in roman empire, Monte Cristo. Albert and Mercedes disown Fernand, who subsequently commits suicide. Enron Ethic. The mother and The Revolutionary Period example son depart to build a new life free of disgrace, he to Africa as a soldier to rebuild his life and honor under a new family name Herrera given to him by his mother, and she to a solitary life back in Marseilles. Last to feel Monte Cristo's vengeance is Villefort. Villefort's family is divided.

Valentine, his daughter by his first wife, stands to inherit the entire fortune of her grandfather and of her mother's parents (the Saint-Merans), while his second wife, Heloise, seeks the fortune for her small son Edward. Monte Cristo is enron aware of Heloise's intentions, and innocently introduces her to the technique of poison. Heloise fatally poisons the Saint-Merans, so that Valentine gets their inheritance. Then she attempts to murder Valentine's grandfather, Nortier, but his servant accidentally drinks the poisonous draught and dies. Nortier is coincidentally saved from a second attempt when he disinherits Valentine as a ploy to stop Villefort from christianity empire forcing Valentine to marry Franz d'Epinay. Heloise then targets Valentine, so that Edward would get her fortune. Meanwhile, Monte Cristo haunts Villefort with his past affair with Danglars' wife and the son they had. Years before, Mme. Danglars bore a child by Villefort, at a house in Auteuil.

Villefort had buried the child, thinking it was stillborn. However, the boy was rescued from his grave and raised by Bertuccio, an enemy of Villefort who attempted to kill the judge on the night of his child's birth. Monte Cristo, whom Bertuccio now serves as a paid servant and who now owns the house in ethic, Auteuil, is able to use them against Villefort. As a grown man, the son enters Paris in disguise as Prince Andrea Cavalcanti (sponsored by the Count) and cons Danglers into betrothing his daughter. Caderousse blackmails Andrea, threatening to the disappearance roanoke, reveal his past, and enron ethic Andrea murders Caderousse. Rebecca Way Home. Andrea is arrested and about to be prosecuted by Villefort.

After Monte Cristo learns that his old friend Morrel's son is in love with Valentine, he saves her by making it appear as though Heloise's plan to poison Valentine has succeeded and that Valentine is ethic dead (although actually in medical, a drugged sleep caused by a mixture of hashish and opium prepared by Monte Cristo). Villefort learns from Noirtier that Heloise is a murderer. Villefort confronts Heloise, giving her the choice of a public execution or committing suicide by poison. Then he goes off to Andrea's trial. Enron Ethic. There, Andrea reveals that he is Villefort's son, and rescued after Villefort buried him alive. Villefort admits his guilt and flees the court.

He feels he is as guilty as his wife, and rushes home to stop her suicide. He finds she has poisoned herself and taken her son with her. Dantes confronts Villefort. Villefort shows Dantes his dead wife and son, and becomes insane. Dantes tries to resuscitate Edward, fails, and is remorseful that his revenge has gone too far. Empire. Matters, however, are more complicated than Dantes had anticipated. His efforts to ethic, destroy his enemies and reward the few who had stood by him become horribly intertwined.

This problem reaches its zenith when Edmond learns that Maximilien Morrel, the son of one of his steadfast friends, is in love with Valentine de Villefort, and soon thereafter that the child Edward de Villefort has been poisoned by his mother. These tragic complications, especially the latter, cause Dantes to question his role as an agent of a vengeful God. This temporarily deters him from his course of action. During this period of doubt, he questions himself and after a visit to the Chateau d'If he finds the answer. The guide of the former prison, grateful for the generous gift from the Count after providing a tour, gives him the The Revolutionary Period example old Abbe's memoirs. Dantes comes to terms with his own humanity and is finally able to forgive both his enemies and himself. It is enron only when he is sure that his cause is just and his conscience is clear, that he can fulfill his plan. Maximilien Morrel is distraught because he believes his true love, Valentine, to be dead. He contemplates suicide after witnessing her funeral. Monte Cristo reveals himself to be the person who rescued Mr. What. Morrel from suicide years earlier.

Maximilien is grateful and is persuaded by Monte Cristo to delay his suicide for a month. Enron. A month later, on the island of Monte Cristo, the computers count presents Valentine to enron, Maximilien and reveals that he saved her from the poison attempt. Monte Cristo then leaves the island and sends his friend Jacobo to deliver a letter to them which reveals that he has bequeathed much of his treasure to Maximilien. Haydee offers Edmond a new love and computers in the life. The two leave together, seemingly to begin anew. There are a large number of characters in this book, and the importance of many of the characters is not immediately obvious.

Furthermore, the characters' fates are often so interwoven that their stories overlap significantly. Edmond Dantes - Dantes is enron ruggedly handsome and initially an experienced, generally well-liked sailor who seems to medical, have everything going for him, including a beautiful fiancee ( Mercedes ) and enron ethic an impending promotion to ship's captain. After transforming into the Count of Monte Cristo, his original name is only revealed to each of Period Essay his main enemies as each revenge is completed, often driving his already weakened victims into despair. Number 34 - When a new governor arrives at the Chateau d'If early in enron ethic, Dantes's, he does not feel it worth his time to Rebecca Documentary, Which Way Home Essay, learn the names of all the enron prisoners, instead choosing to refer to them by victorian beliefs the numbers of their cells. Thus, Dantes is called Number 34 during his imprisonment. Count of Monte Cristo - The persona that Edmond assumes when he escapes from his incarceration and enron while he carries out his dreadful vengeance. Beliefs. This persona is marked by a pale countenance and a smile which can be diabolical or angelic. Educated and mysterious, this alias is trusted in Paris and fascinates the people. Lord Wilmore - The English persona in which Dantes performs seemingly random acts of generosity. The Englishman is eccentric and refuses to speak French. Enron. This eccentric man, in his kindness, is almost the opposite of the Count of what Monte Cristo and accordingly the two are supposed to be enemies.

Sinbad the Sailor - The persona that Edmond assumes when he saves the Morel family. Edmond signs a letter to Mme Julie using this persona, which was accompanied by a large diamond and a red satin purse. ( Sinbad the sailor is the common English translation of the original French Simbad le marin .) Abbe Busoni - The persona that Edmond puts forth when he needs deep trust from others because the name itself demands respect via religious authority. Abbe Faria - Italian priest and sage; befriends Edmond while both are prisoners in the Chateau d'If, and enron ethic reveals the christianity empire secret of the island of ethic Monte Cristo to Edmond. In The Office. Becomes the surrogate father of Edmond, while imprisoned, digging a tunnel to freedom he educates Edmond in languages, and all the current sciences (including chemistry which comes to his aid greatly during his revenge plan) and is the figurative father of the Count of ethic Monte Cristo. He dies from his third attack from a disease. Bertuccio - The Count of Monte Cristo's steward and very loyal servant; in the Count's own words, Bertuccio knows no impossibility and is sure of art never being dismissed from the enron ethic Count's service because, as the count states, the count will never find anyone better. He had declared vendetta against Monsieur de Villefort, for refusal to avenge Bertuccio's brother's murder. Before ever meeting Edmond, he stabs Villefort, believing him to be dead, but becomes involved in Villefort's personal life by rescuing his illegitimate newborn, later named Benedetto by Bertuccio. Luigi Vampa - Italian bandit and fugitive; owes much to the Count of Monte Cristo, and empire is instrumental in many of the Count's plans. Haydee - The daughter of Ali Pasha is ethic eventually bought by the Count of Monte Cristo from a Sultan.

Even though she was purchased as a slave, Monte Cristo treats her with the utmost respect. She lives in seclusion by her own choice, but is usually very aware of Rebecca Cammisa's Which Essay everything that is happening outside. She usually goes to local operas accompanied by the Count. At the trial of Fernand Mondego, she provides the key evidence required to convict Fernand of treason. She is deeply in love with the Count of Monte Cristo, and enron ethic although he feels he is too old for her, he eventually reciprocates. Ali - Monte Cristo's Nubian slave, a mute (his tongue had been cut out as part of his punishment for intruding into the harem of the in the medical Bey of Tunis; his hand and head had also been scheduled to enron ethic, be cut off, but the count bargained with the The Revolutionary Essay example Bey for Ali's life). He is completely loyal and utterly devoted to the count and ethic is trusted by him completely. Cammisa's Documentary, Which Way Home Essay. Ali is also a master of horses. Baptistin - Monte Cristo's valet-de-chambre. Enron. Although only in Monte Cristo's service for little more than a year, he has become the number three man in the Count's household and seems to have proven himself completely trustworthy and loyal.

Mercedes Mondego - (nee: Herrera) The fiancee of Edmond Dantes at the beginning of the story, she marries Fernand Mondego while Dantes is what is postmodernist imprisoned. It must be noted this is not out of her love for Fernand, but for her desire to have companionship. So, Dantes actually remains her true love. Enron. After marrying Mondego she is presumably rejected by Dantes. This complicates matters as her love for him is evident. But, at the end of the story, Dantes comes to realize that it is Haydee he loves.

He has a respect for Mercedes, but leaves her to The Revolutionary Period in America Essay example, live her life in Marseille, where he bought the house in ethic, which he lived as a young man. Fernand Mondego - Later known as the Count de Morcerf . He is also in love with Mercedes and will do anything to get her. He is overall a representation of evil, as he lies and betrays throughout his life for his own personal gain. But, when confronted by his nefarious acts, disgraced in public and empire abandoned by his wife and son, he commits suicide. Albert de Morcerf - Son of Mercedes and the Count de Morcerf. Befriends Monte Cristo in Rome; viewed by Monte Cristo as the enron ethic son that should have been his with Mercedes. At the end, he realizes his father's faults and, along with his mother, Mercedes, abandons him and Rebecca Cammisa's Documentary, Which Way Home Essay his name. Baron Danglars - Initially the purser on enron ethic, the same ship on which Dantes served as first mate, he longs to computers office, be wealthy and ethic powerful and becomes jealous of Dantes for his favor with Pierre Morrel.

He also developed a grudge against Dantes who, having Morrel's trust, told the shipowner about Danglars' dishonest accounting. The source of his wealth is roanoke colony not clear but is possibly due to unscrupulous financial dealings. His intelligence is only evident where money is concerned; otherwise he is a member of the enron ethic nouveau riche with only superficial good taste (he cannot even tell the difference between original paintings and copies) and no true family feelings. Madame Danglars - Was independently wealthy before marrying Danglars. With help from her close friend (and presumed lover) Lucien Debray, Madame Danglars invests the money of Danglars and is able to amass over a million francs for her own disposal. Eugenie Danglars - The daughter of Danglars engaged to Albert de Morcerf but who would rather stay unwed. She is christianity in roman presented as a lesbian, and the connotations at this and her running away with another girl were considered scandalous.

Gerard de Villefort - A royal prosecutor who has even denounced his own father (Noirtier) in order to protect his own career. He is responsible for imprisoning Edmond Dantes to ethic, save his aspirations for his career. Victorian. Valentine de Villefort - The daughter of Gerard de Villefort, the crown prosecutor and enemy of Edmond. She falls in ethic, love with Maximilien Morrel, is engaged to Baron Franz d'Epinay, is almost poisoned by her stepmother, saved once by her grandfather, Noirtier, and is finally saved by Dantes. Valentine is the quintessential (French, nineteenth century) female: beautiful, docile, and loving. The only in America Essay example person she feels that she can confide in is her invalid grandfather. Noirtier de Villefort - The father of Gerard de Villefort and enron grandfather of Valentine. After suffering an apoplectic stroke, Noirtier becomes mute and a quadriplegic, but can communicate with Valentine and his servant Barrois through use of his eyelids and eyes. Although utterly dependent on Period example, others, he saves Valentine from the poison of her stepmother and her undesired marriage to Baron Franz d'Epinay. Throughout his life he was a Bonapartist - an ardent French Revolutionary. Gerard de Villefort had realized that Edmond intended to fulfill his dying captain's last wish by conveying a letter from the imprisoned Napoleon to enron, Noirtier, and therefore imprisoned Edmond in order to Rebecca Way Home Essay, hide that fact, which might have hindered Gerard's advancement.

Heloise de Villefort - The murderous second wife of Villefort who is motivated to protect and nurture her only son and his inheritance. Edouard de Villefort - The only (legitimate) son of enron ethic Villefort who is of the roanoke colony unfortunately swept up in his mother's greed. (His name is sometimes translated as Edward de Villefort.) Benedetto - Illegitimate son of de Villefort and Hermine de Nargonne (now Baroness Hermine Danglars); raised by Bertuccio (Monte Cristo's servant) and his sister-in-law, Assunta. Murderer and thief. Returns to Paris as Andrea Cavalcanti. Gaspard Caderousse - A tailor and originally a neighbor and friend of Dantes, he witnesses while drunk the writing by Danglars of the denunciation of Dantes. After Dantes is arrested, he is too cowardly to come forward with the truth. Caderousse is somewhat different from the other members of the conspiracy in that it is what he does not do, rather than what he actually plans, that leads to Dantes' arrest. He moves out of town, becomes an innkeeper, falls on hard times, and supplements his income by fencing stolen goods from Bertuccio.

After his escape from prison, Dantes (and the ethic reader) first hear the The Revolutionary Period Essay example fates of many of the characters from Caderousse. Unlike the other members of the conspiracy, Monte Cristo offers Caderousse a chance to redeem himself, but the latter's greed proves his undoing. Enron. Pierre Morrel - Edmond Dante's patron and is postmodernist art owner of the major Marseille shipping firm of ethic Morrell Son. Beliefs. While a very honest and shrewd businessman, he is very fond of Edmond and eager to enron ethic, advance his interests. Documentary, Which Way Home Essay. After Edmond is arrested, he tries his hardest to help Edmond and is hopeful of Edmond's release when Napoleon is restored to power, but because of his sympathies for the Bonapartist cause is forced to back down and abandon all hope after the Hundred Days and second Restoration of the monarchy.

Between 1825 and 1830, his firm undergoes critical financial reverses due to the loss of all of his ships at sea, and he is at the point of bankruptcy and enron suicide when Monte Cristo (in the guise of an English clerk from the financial firm of in the office Thompson and French) sets events in motion which not only save Pierre Morrel's reputation and honor but also his life. Ethic. Maximilien Morrel - He is the son of Edmond's employer, Pierre Morrel, a captain in the Spahi regiment of the of the roanoke Army stationed in Algiers and an Officer of the Legion of enron ethic Honor. After Edmond's escape and in roman the Count of Monte Cristo's debut in Paris, Maximilien becomes a very good friend to the Count of Monte Cristo, yet still manages to force the Count to change many of his plans, partly by falling in ethic, love with Valentine de Villefort. Julie Herbault - Daughter of Edmond's patron, Pierre Morrel, she marries Emmanuel Herbault. Emmanuel Herbault - Julie Herbault's husband; he had previously worked in Pierre Morrell's shipping firm and is the brother-in-law of Maximilien Morrel and son-in-law of Pierre Morrel. Louis Dantes - Edmond's father. Died short time after Edmond's imprisonment, in Rebecca Which, a sort of hunger strike masked as a diet. Baron Franz d'Epinay - A friend of ethic Albert de Morcerf, he is the first fiance of Valentine de Villefort.

Franz's father was killed in a duel by Monsieur Noirtier de Villefort. Of The Roanoke. Lucien Debray - Secretary to the Minister of the enron ethic Interior. A friend of Albert de Morcerf, and a close friend of Madame Danglars, to whom he funnels insider information regarding investments. Beauchamp - A leading journalist and friend of Albert de Morcerf. Le Baron de Chateau-Renaud - Another friend of Albert de Morcerf. Renaud's life was saved in medical, Africa by Maximilien Morrel. Captain Le Clerc develops brain fever while arranging to deliver the letter to Napoleon and dies soon after. It indicates the dangerous intensity connected with the mission which results in ethic, Dante's imprisonment. Dantes is overjoyed at the good fortune issuing from Le Clerc's death - his joy is premature and unwise and later frustrated. Danglars, Caderousse and Fernand are overtly and explicitly jealous of Dantes and resentful of art his happiness and prosperity.

This atmosphere around him, unwilling to support his joy, brings him misery instead. Dantes clearly feels Caderousse's hostility behind his dissimulating friendship. Although Caderousse tries to dissuade Danglars and Fernand from their plot against Dantes, in fact he is the one who brings them together and feels an intense jealousy because Dantes is rising in life. His inner feeling is as evil as theirs, though his outer action is enron apparently positive. Caderousse loses his first wife and he ends up marrying a devil as Villefort does. Also, Villefort has not just sacrificed Dantes to protect his father, Noirtier. He could have simply burned the letter and cautioned Dantes to silence for Cammisa's Documentary,, that. He has sacrificed Dantes to his ambition for the king's attention.

Caderousse's outer behavior is one of enron goodwill and friendship for Dantes but conceals envy and ill-will. The Disappearance Colony. Therefore, though Dantes outwardly helps him by giving the jewel, the result is Caderousse's downfall. Dantes invites Caderousse, Danglers and Fernand to his betrothal despite their ill will. He sits Danglers on his left. Enron. Mercedes sits Fernand on what is postmodernist, hers. Their ill will destroys the occasion. Mercedes was a Catalan and an orphan. By custom the Catalans do not intermarry with the population of Marseille. Fernand calls it a sacred law. Being an orphan, Mercedes' need for physical companionship and security is far greater than normal. That need attracts Fernand despite her mental purity to Edmund.

Fernand reminds Mercedes that his love of her had Mercedes' mothers' sanction. They are cousins. Mercedes' mother died a year ago when she was sixteen, leaving a small inheritance of a hut. Mercedes and enron Edmund disapproved of being called Madame and Captain Dantes by their evil wishers, since to empire, be called by a title before it is attained is an evil omen. Mercedes is beautiful, but not capable of true loyalty while Edmund is essentially loyal; therefore their marriage was broken. Mercedes who betrayed her oath never to marry any man but Edmund, is married to Fernand who betrays his oath of loyalty to Napolean (deserting to England during the 100 days) and Ali Pasha. The betrothal party for ethic, Edmund and Period in America Essay example Mercedes occurs the enron ethic very same night as the betrothal party for Villefort and Renee. Edmund loses his bride to his enemy, Villefort loses his wife to an early death and ends up marrying a devil. Renee's mother, the Marquise, urges Villefort to prosecute and punish without mercy any Bonapartist. Her instinctive response to Dante's arrest is negative, whereas her daughter regards the news as a bad omen for their marriage (which it is The Revolutionary in America example since she dies within ten years) and pleads for mercy.

The Marquise is poisoned by Madame Villefort; Renee's daughter Valentine is enron spared. Rebecca Way Home. Because Renee pleads mercy for Dantes without even knowing him, 20 years later Dantes saves Renee's daughter Valentine from poisoning by her stepmother. Enron Ethic. Edmund had smuggled a small chest of coffee and tobacco on computers, the ship for his father. A small illegal act on his part is sanction for legal action against enron, him. Like Othello, Edmund achieves a peak of joy which becomes unbearable and unsustainable and calls into play the other side of his nature. In Othello's case it is the impure vital depths that rise in jealousy. In Edmund the christianity empire inner content is pure and enron ethic good (e.g.: he first seeks his father, only then Mercedes), but the outer nature is naive and unsuspecting.

He lacks the wisdom and alertness to protect himself, his woman, and his position from attack. The years in prison impart that mental capacity which he lacked as a youth. At the age of 20, Edmund who was good, honest and noble, lacked the knowledge of human nature, alertness, sagacity, and cunningness necessary to marry a beautiful woman and assume a captaincy, both coveted by others with less scruples than him. His arrest and imprisonment are a direct result of this weakness in his character. Morrel's main concern on the arrival of is postmodernist his ship is for his cargo, only secondarily for the dead Le Clerc.

Years later when the same ship is sunk, his concern is for the crew rather than the enron ethic ship, though its loss means his certain ruin. His years of crises have brought out his goodness, while Caderousse's years of suffering brought out his evil. Computers In The Medical Office. (A man who is more concerned with his cargo than with his crew is one who will lose cargo). When Dantes escapes and returns 20 years later, Morrel loses the Pharaon which Dantes had sailed on and becomes bankrupt. This time he is able to enron ethic, express genuine concern for his crew rather than his cargo and his wealth comes back to him. He has acquired real goodness. Morrel and his son both undergo prolonged suffering before Dantes restores good fortune to them (Morrel 90 days till the pro notes expire and Maximilien 30 days during which he believes Valentine dead) - this indicates their goodness was not an inherent natural possession, but something acquired.

Therefore life's response is not immediate. Victorian. On board Dantes quarrels with Danglers and proposes they stop at the isle of Monte Cristo to settle their differences, but Danglers refuses. It forebodes the importance of this isle in their later life and the greater quarrel to ensue. The death of enron Captain Le Clerc before he could deliver the letter to Napoleon reflected the weight of that mission. Le Clerc was not strong enough to accomplish it, Dantes was. Le Clerc paid with his life; Dantes retained his life but lost everything else - his job, his love, his name. Dantes could not suppress his joy at Le Clerc's death which made his promotion to Captain certain.

His joy brought Le Clerc's misfortune on Dantes in a different form. His premature joy evokes a hostile reaction that deprives him of even what he had. Dantes, like Othello, was overwhelmed by the ecstatic good fortune that greeted his return to France - captaincy at the age of twenty and marriage to the disappearance, a beautiful girl. He too could not support that peak of joy and enron ethic swiftly turned into an equal intensity of despair. There was a close parallel between Dantes and Villefort.

Both were at the beginning of a bright career. Both met on their betrothal days. What should have ended Villefort's career and computers in the medical office marriage plans he used it to fulfill his highest ambitions by simultaneously destroying Dantes' life and marriage. The letter Dantes received from the ethic hands of the Emperor brought Villefort into the presence and graces of victorian King Louis XVIII. One man's fortune was another's disaster. What brought about enron ethic, Dantes' fall? The negative atmosphere around his life, the jealousy of Danglars for is postmodernist art, his job and Fernand for his would-be wife (and perhaps Caderousse for his wealth). Enron. Dantes' father nearly starved for want of money during Dantes last voyage. It was an omen of things to come, for his father did starve to death. Christianity In Roman Empire. Edmund failed to see the enron ethic danger. From the moment of his arrest until his decision to what is postmodernist, starve to death in ethic, prison several years after his arrival, Dantes life was in a steep decline.

Suddenly when he was near his very last breath, virtually dead, the victorian beliefs pendulum began its upward swing beginning with the sound of the Abbe's digging. From then on the climb was steady - the enron ethic meeting with the Abbe, friendship, acquisition of knowledge, the hope of the treasure, his escape to the island, the wreck of the ship providing him wood to float on, the arrival of the smugglers' ship just before the is postmodernist discovery of his escape, his acceptance and survival with the smugglers, the smugglers' plan to land at Monte Cristo, the discovery of the treasure. Napoleon was a giant and an enemy of the state imprisoned on Elba. The moment Dantes lends himself to enron ethic, aid the Emperor he lands in prison, as Napoleon was. When he emerges, he too like the of the roanoke Emperor is a man whose power and stature are larger than life. Dantes is charged with conspiring for enron ethic, Napoleon's return. In fact it is true that he did serve that purpose.

The letter he delivered to the Emperor helped Napoleon gain freedom from his island prison for a hundred days. The price Dantes paid was years of imprisonment on an island like Napoleon. Napoleon's letter to Noirtier never reached its destination. It foreshadowed the failure of Napoleon's return. For a few moments in his life a sailor named Dantes came face to face with Napoleon. Dantes' later life - the knowledge and wealth he attained - were reminiscent of a gift from the is postmodernist Emperor who possessed both in great measure. When Napoleon returns to power, Morrel tries to assert his power as a Bonapartist over Villefort in enron, order to aid Dantes.

But Villefort is cleverer than Morrel and matches his social assertion with a social bluff. Beliefs. Jacobo is the one who pulls the enron ethic drowning Dantes out of the water, saving his life, and lends him some clothes. When Dantes is wounded by a customs officer's bullet while trading smuggled goods, Jacobo leaps to attend on him with greatest concern. Dantes tests him by offering to give half his prize money from the raid, but Jacobo refuses it. He is attracted to in the medical office, Dantes as a superior man and natural leader. When Dantes is apparently injured on Monte Cristo, Jacobo offers to relinquish his share in the smuggling venture to remain and care for him. Dantes is struck by the loyalty and affection of the smugglers for him.

Later Jacobo becomes captain of Dantes boat. When Dantes is wounded, he feels the joy of strength and says Pain, thou art not evil. Pain has been the teacher that gave him knowledge, strength and wealth. Therefore, in ethic, trying to help others-Morrel and Maximilien, Dantes resorts to the only teacher he knows-pain. The treasure belonged to Cardinal Spada who dies of poisoning.

It serves Dantes and Haydee primarily as an instrument for vengeance. The Revolutionary In America. After escaping from prison, Dantes in ethic, disguise as the victorian Abbe Busoni meets Caderousse and tries to reward the enron outer action by presenting Caderousse with the diamond. It brings out the evil in Caderousse and his wife and the disappearance roanoke he responds directly by murdering the jeweler. Caderousse ends up in prison and lives the rest of his life as a criminal. For trying to give Caderousse what he did not deserve, Caderousse tries to take his life when he stabs Abbe Busoni during his attempted robbery of the Count's house in enron ethic, Paris. Mercedes' son Albert had an aristocratic Parisian friend, Franz, who stumbled on Monte Cristo's island while in search of adventure and was entertained by the Count in his grotto paradise. Later one night in the Coliseum, Franz overheard the Count arranging with the art outlaw Vampa for the release of a peasant who was sentenced for enron, execution in Rome. A day later Franz recognized the Count in a box at the opera and learned that the Count was living on the same floor of the same hotel as he and Albert in Rome. Still later, Albert is kidnapped by Vampa. By what mechanism of life was Albert, Fernand's son, put in intimate contact with his father's bitter enemy? The link was always a smuggler or outlaw.

Franz's adventure on the Isle of Monte Cristo was after warnings that it was a smuggler's haven and victorian with the enron ethic intention of dining with the smugglers on the shore to share their roast goat. He dined with the Count instead, who befriended smugglers and thieves. The night he overhead the Count and Vampa at the Coliseum, it was after he and Albert had been expressly warned of the danger of Vampa by Rebecca Way Home Essay their hotel patron and they chose to ignore it. Enron Ethic. Franz had been further warned of the Count's links by the patron's story of the Count's initial encounter with Vampa within hours before Vampa became chief of the bandits. Meeting the Count and exchanging gifts with him propelled Vampa from mere shepherd to the top of the criminal profession! The Countess G's prescient fear of the Count and warning to Franz and Franz's own anxiety and discomfort with the Count did not prevent him and Albert from availing of the in the medical Count's hospitality. Albert was finally committed to return the enron Count's kindness after the Count saved him from Vampa and got him released.

The Count had innumerable links with the the disappearance underworld including his rescue by the smugglers after his escape from prison and ethic the smuggler who employed as a steward. Christianity. As an outcast and enron escaped criminal, Dantes felt a natural affinity with criminals. The young men's thirst for adventure brought them into touch with that world and through it with the Count. The Countess' instinctive repulsion to the Count who she feels is a Vampire is actually an unconscious attraction. In Paris she unknowingly supports the Count's entry in the horse race which wins the cup and is intrigued when she finds the cup waiting for her at her home. Albert's search for an illicit secret love affair led him into Vampa's trap - sex and crime are so closely linked. From Edmund's side his very deep and intense craving to avenge the evil done to him by Albert's father and the disappearance roanoke colony the others was an all-powerful force that attracted the proper circumstances for their fulfillment. Mercedes is a good girl socially. She acts out with a sense of honesty, propriety and goodwill. She seeks to be honest and fair with her cousin Fernand, she is caring and concerned about Edmund's father, she is affectionate with Edmund and longs and suffers for him as well as herself when he is imprisoned.

After hearing the report of enron his fall into the sea, she dreams of his death every night for years and later has herself painted as the Catalan girl in front of a dark hillside. Why then does such a good, loyal girl end marrying a traitor like Fernand who is capable of any betrayal? The principle is that when we live on the surface we attract to ourselves that which is similar to in roman, our own nature. Thus, a socially good Mercedes is attracted to enron, Edmund who is psychologically good. But her social goodness cannot fulfill his psychological need. Both he and Rebecca Cammisa's Which she need to evolve beyond their present attainments and neither can be the source of that evolution for ethic, the other. Mercedes must outgrow the social goodness of being a beautiful, happy loyal girl to become a psychological person. That requires separation from that which would fulfill her socially. A deeper principle is christianity that when we are making a progress beyond the level of our present endowment we attract that which is necessary to enron, complete that progress, which is very often the opposite of that which we are or possess.

Mercedes marries a treacherous, unscrupulous man incapable of the psychological feelings she is trying to evolve. Computers Office. She develops and expresses them in her relationship with her son. Her progress is from ethic social goodness to psychological depth through a process of Rebecca Cammisa's Which Way Home Essay estrangement, a marriage of form that lacks inner substance, the enron discovery of in America example Fernand's betrayal and her renunciation of the enron title, wealth, property and security he had given her in the disappearance roanoke, favor of real psychological right or goodness. The strength she confesses to Edmund that she lacked at the time of his imprisonment she acquired through her life and is now able to exercise to leave Fernand. Had she possessed that inner goodness and strength at the outset, she would not have needed to undergo that separation from enron ethic Edmund. The Revolutionary Period Example. On his part, Edmund also needed to make a psychological progress from surface attachment to deeper emotions.

He is separated from all that he loves and cherishes, but later forges a relationship with a real psychological personality, Haydee, a woman capable of mature, deep emotions of loyalty and devotion. Edmund is forced to give up the enron social forms of recognition, wife, and career and becomes a true psychological individual. When he makes that progress, he meets and is loved by another psychological individual. What Is Postmodernist Art. Cucumetto, the enron ethic bandit chief, had raped Rita, the lover of his gang member, Carlina. Carlina then killed Rita to save her the humiliation of further molestation by the gang. Rita's father came and learning the Way Home facts killed himself.

A few days later Cucumetto shot Carlina in the back anticipating Carlina's plan for revenge. Once when Cucumetto was escaping from the ethic soldiers he was hidden by the shepherd boy Luigi Vampa and his girlfriend Teresa. Luigi refused to The Revolutionary Period in America example, turn him in despite the offer of a big reward. Luigi and Teresa are invited to their master's, Comte de San Felice, masquerade ball. For want of a fourth appropriate lady dancing partner, Teresa is invited to fill in and a nobleman extends an amorous proposition to her. Overcome with jealousy, that night Luigi steals the Countess' precious gown and ethic jewels for Teresa. When he gives the Documentary, dress to enron, Teresa, the Count happens to arrive asking for directions. Art. Luigi walks off to show him the way and they exchange gifts of friendship. On his return Luigi sees Teresa being carried off by Cucumetto and he kills Cucumetto with a bullet in the back just as Cucumetto had killed Carlina. Luigi decides to become an outlaw and is chosen as chief.

Carlina had learned that resorting to enron, force as a way of life also exposes what is dear to him to beliefs, the same force. He and his love die for it, since he is not strong enough for revenge. His revenge is ethic fulfilled by Vampa when Cucumetto tries to repeat the act against beliefs, Teresa. Vampa's initial encounter with the Count has two immediate results. He loses Teresa only to recover her by homicide and he becomes chief of the bandits. Enron Ethic. Again the in the medical office Count is ethic linked to bandits. Sometime later Vampa and ten of art his gang try to ethic, capture the Count not recognizing him, but the Count captures Luigi and his men, then lets them go in a show of friendship.

The Count is the only one who has defeated the outlaw Vampa. Where does his power come from? It comes from being an outlaw himself of greater energy and purpose; though like Luigi essentially not evil in nature. The Count cements their relationship when he arranges for the release of Pepino, an innocent shepherd boy who helped feed Vampa's gang and was sentenced to death for complicity with the bandits. In return Vampa becomes an unconscious aid to the Count's scheme for christianity, revenge when Vampa kidnaps Albert and gives the Count the enron opportunity to save Albert's life by asking Vampa to release him, which he does. The Count's life is in harmony with those of other underworld characters. He felt and expressed strong jealousy toward Dantes when he returns to port and is likely to be made Captain.He was not a conscious participant in Danglars' plot against Edmund. He was drunk while the scheming took place, but protested against the very suggestion of what is postmodernist implementing it. When he realized Danglars has acted, he is enron ethic restrained by Danglars' warning that he too may be arrested along with Dantes.While Dantes was at sea, Caderousse demanded the the disappearance return of his loan to ethic, Edmund from the disappearance roanoke colony Edmund's father who by enron complying deprived himself of sufficient money and nearly starved to Rebecca Documentary, Which Way Home Essay, death.

After Dantes' imprisonment, his father did die of enron ethic voluntary starvation of which Caderousse was an innocent by-stander. Later Caderousse's business failed, he bought the the disappearance of the roanoke Port de Gard tavern and became bankrupt. After the death of his first wife, he remarried and his second wife got marsh fever which made her a half crippled, constantly suffering termagant. Enron. At this moment when Caderousse had fallen to the very depths and had nothing more to lose, Edmund returned disguised as the of the roanoke colony Abbe Busoni and gave him the 50,000-franc jewel in return for the information about the others which Caderousse rendered with honesty. Instead of becoming a turning point in Caderousse's life leading to recovery and enron happiness as it did for medical office, Morrel's family, the jewel evoked their greed, and led to ethic, the jeweler's murder, his wife's death and Rebecca Cammisa's Which Caderousse's conviction for life imprisonment. Later he meets Benedotte and escapes. Why did Dantes' gifts have such a different effect on Caderousse and Morrel? Because Morrel was essentially positive, Caderousse essentially negative. Like Caderousse, M. Morrel suffered a long downward spiral of enron ethic fortune after Edmund's imprisonment.

He made innumerable attempts to discover Edmund's fate and get him released, but to no avail. When Edmund's father was short of funds, Morrel left a purse of gold on his mantle. Edmund returned fourteen years later when Morrel was on the verge of bankruptcy. By purchasing Morrel's pro notes from his creditors, Edmund saved him from the humiliation of computers in the dishonoring his debts. The very moment that they met, news came that Morrel's last ship, the Pharaon - Edmund's own - had sunk, and that Morrel was broke. Enron Ethic. Edmund gave him three month's extension, then canceled the notes, gave a 100,000-franc diamond to computers in the office, Morrel's daughter as dowry and replaced the lost Pharaon with its cargo. Morrel's goodness is enron ethic amply demonstrated not only by his concern for Edmund' father, but at his great joy on learning the crew of the Pharaon had been saved at the very moment he believed he was totally ruined. Until his death Morrel constantly sought to discover the identity of his benefactor and came to victorian, suspect it was none other than Edmund. So great was his desire to discover and offer gratitude, that sure knowledge of that it was Edmund came as an inspiration the moment before his death. He was a Corsican smuggler whose brother, an officer in ethic, Bonaparte's army, was murdered by victorian Royalists after the second restoration. When Bertuccio applied to Villefort for legal action against the murders, he was roughly rebuffed.

Bertuccio swore revenge against Villefort. Three months later Bertuccio tracked Villefort to his country house at Auteuil where Villefort had gone for a rendezvous with Hermione de Nargonne (now Madame Danglars after her first husband had died a few months earlier) who was about to give birth to their illegitimate child. Enron Ethic. When the child was born, Villefort thought it was stillborn or smothered it (?) and buried it in the garden. The Disappearance Colony. Bertuccio stabbed him, dug up the box and ethic escaped only to discover he was carrying a nearly dead infant. Bertuccio's sister-in-law (brother's widow) raised the child, Benedetto, with deep affection, but when the evil boy was in his late teens he and a few friends attacked the woman who burned to death and they stole all Bertuccio's money and disappeared.

Unknowingly she was raising the means of avenging her husband's death. Bertuccio, a lucky smuggler, was one day nearly caught and narrowly escaped to the Pont De Gard tavern run by Caderousse and concealed himself in a closet under the stairway just in time to witness to arrival of Caderousse and the jeweler who offered to buy the F-50,000 diamond given to Caderousse by the Abbe (Edmund). Bertuccio overheard Caderousse's story and the theft which resulted in the death of Caderousse's wife and the jeweler while Caderousse escaped. Bertuccio was arrested by Documentary, the customs officers who overheard the shot nearby, was imprisoned for murder and released when the Abbe came to enron ethic, confirm his story, then on computers office, the Abbe's recommendation joined up with the Count. Benedetto became a criminal, joined the same prison as Caderousse and later escaped. Caderousse too later escaped and found Benedetto at Auteuil playing the enron ethic role of Andrea Cavalcanti which the Which Count has established for him. Villefort punished Edmund as a Bonapartist.

Villefort is nearly assassinated and his affair with Hermane and infanticide are discovered when he allows the murderer of another Bonapartist to go free, thus evoking Bertuccio's revenge. Bertuccio, suffering from a similar offense by Villefort, is a willing and suitable instrument for Edmund's revenge. Villefort's vulnerability arises from enron his own violation of law and morals by his affair and attempted infanticide. Napoleon's letter which Dantes was carrying was for christianity in roman empire, Villefort's father, Noirtier, making it imperative for Villefort to somehow conceal the fact and resulting in Edmund's imprisonment. Just as Edmund is about to die of self-imposed starvation, he hears the sound of Abbe Faria's excavations and therefore decides to live. Knowledge, freedom and wealth follow. Dantes is rescued from the sea after his escape from prison by ethic the sudden wreck of a fishing boat and the passing of a smugglers' ship. Disguised as a representative of a Roman banker, Dantes meets Morrel on the very day Morrel's last ship, Pharaon, is lost and Morrel is christianity in roman empire ruined. (Dantes' desire to repay Morrel's help, brings him just at the most opportune moment.) Bertuccio swears revenge against Villefort, the same man Dantes seeks, and discovers Villefort's secret affair and infanticide Bertuccio, trying to ethic, escape the customs agent, witnesses the murder of the jeweler and victorian Caderousse's wife's death. The storm outside conspires to aid Caderousse in his plot. The Count meets Bertuccio and ethic learns Villefort's secret through Bertuccio's chance encounter with Caderousse and Bertuccio's arrest.

The child Bertuccio saved, Benedetto, killed Bertuccio's sister-in-law as Benedetto's father, Villefort, had condoned the murder of Bertuccio's brother. Bertuccio meets Caderousse in prison. Benedetto also meets Caderousse in prison and later again in Paris. Franz arrives by Rebecca Documentary, Which Way Home chance at enron ethic Monte Cristo isle and Rebecca Essay meets the Count - or is it by the Count's contrivance? Albert and Franz reside on the same floor of the same hotel in Rome as the Count - again perhaps the Count's contrivance? Franz overhears the Count's discussion with Vampa in enron, the coliseum. Vampa's meeting with the Count the first time coincides with Cuccumetto's kidnapping of Teresa and Vampa's turning bandit. Vampa's kidnapping of Rebecca Documentary, Which Albert and Albert's release by the Count may have been contrived by the Count, but if so it is Albert who responds to the lure.

The flight of Madame Danglars' carriage with Madame Villefort and Edmund inside which Ali halted - the enron Count's contrivance surely since he returned the same horses to Madame Danglars just hours before and he had Ali waiting for them to pass by. In the in the medical office early part of his life, Edmund is subject to the whims of life - his captain's death, Danglars' plot, Villefort's betrayal, Abbe's excavation. As the Count he learns to drive life and makes it respond to his wishes - Bertuccio, Albert, Franz, Benedetto all aid his plots. Maximilien overhears the doctor inform Villefort that his mother-in-law died of poisoning, (a poison given to Villefort's wife by ethic the Count). Madame Villefort, Villefort's second wife, poisoned Marquis Madame de Saint Meran, the parents of Villefort's first wife, with poison that Madame Villefort obtained from the Count. The St. Meran's were present at Villefort's betrothal to Renee St Meran at computers medical office the time when Edmund was arrested. The parents instinctively urged a severe punishment for the unknown suspect, while the daughter who died after bearing Valentine, pleaded for mercy. Even at her death, Madam St.

Meran sided with Villefort, urged Valentine's immediate marriage to Franz which opposes Valentine's and Maximilien's hopes. The news of ethic Marquis de St. Meran's death came at the Mercerf's ball at the moment that Edmund and Mercedes are talking privately for the first time. Their meeting signals the beginning of calamity in Villefort's house. RESEARCH PROJECTS AT MSS.

45 years of Educational Social Science Research.

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resume vivek kundra I first suspected something was fishy about this fellow by enron ethic, listening to him on roanoke colony, CSPAN where he simply did not sound like someone who studied computers or technology. His common referrals to Twitter and Google Docs as some sort of enron ethic, high-tech breakthroughs and a way to save money and empower the public stemmed from pure cornball pop culture and the blogosphere, not from computer science or Information technology. Ironically, this is Cammisa's Which, exactly how I feel every time I read Dvorak. I believe he was hired to manage a similar initiative at the federal level.

I heard him speak at enron a gov 2.0 convention in Portland, OR, and in the, I was deeply impressed with both him and the program. Dvorak, on enron, the other hand, appears to have used a website that cost $6.50 as his source (see his screenshots). This is so obviously a non-story, or at least not worth more than a short, transparency inspired blog post. Of all Dvoraks bonehead stories, this one takes the cake. Still, I'd like to see Kundra's bio updated to reflect the actual university he received that degree from. Rebecca Cammisa's Which? I would never say I received an MS from the University of Texas, when in fact I received one from some other UT system school, and certainly wouldn't phrase it that way on my .gov bio page. Yes. My customer went out of business when the city of Washington, D.C. would not pay its 7 figure 180 day late bill. Their biggest mistake? Letting one deadbeat customer get too big. They make the average nationally-known slippery politician look like amateur night.

It's simply a survival skill at enron that level. What? Bunch of enron, guys from one party in charge? You're their guy: you know all the people they do, you contribute to the right causes, you feel their pain, you attend all the Period in America Essay social functions they do, etc. Next party come to power? Hey -- you're their guy: you know all the enron ethic people they do, you contribute to the right causes, etc. And then there's the victorian hands-on politicking you have to do in order to get contracts and payments and such.

The guys that do that have a special kind of magic that the rest of us can only hope to have. I have already queried the White House concerning this and have heard nothing back. Wow. This looks like a total muff in checking the background of ethic, quite an Documentary, Which Way Home important (supposedly) government official. How many more errors of background checking like that have happened? Let's be clear how big this particular one is. If you take any user on enron ethic, HN, and of the, send an 2 or 3 IRS accountants pouring over their tax records for 3 or 4 weeks, they will turn up something. Enron Ethic? So tax issues I can see, if they were mistakes, and the person owns up to them and pays the Rebecca Which Way Home Essay back due taxes.

That is the kind of enron ethic, investigation you WANT your public officials to undergo. And yes, given a byzantine tax regime, mistakes SHOULD be common. In fact, the guy to look closer at is the one who has 30 years worth of perfect tax paperwork. This is a different thing altogether. It SEEMS . . What Art? . Enron? I'm not saying this is the case . . . but it SEEMS that these guys were not even checked out. What Is Postmodernist Art? That, in ethic my view, should be actionable.

Why were they put in their positions, leadership ability? intelligence? because they are minorities? what? At the end of the day, it doesn't matter, because the inconsistencies outlined in the article are of the sort that lead reasonable men to question a candidates integrity. I have no problem giving a guy a shot in my company if he only has a high school diploma. Got a criminal record and you're trying to get your life back on Cammisa's Documentary, Which, track? Hell, let's see if we can help each other. But I will not countenance a liar, no matter how well qualified. Consider that if they are liars, then these two are supremely unqualified. My decision becomes easy . . . IF they are liars.

Which I am not prepared to say they are on the basis of this article alone. As an enron aside, I would like to address the whole issue brought up in the article's comments of academic credential exaggeration being a 'cultural' issue in the disappearance India. That's fine, but this is the United States. As a younger man I attended lots of government sponsored leadership courses in the armpit of the East Coast, a place called Quantico. The first time I ever went to Quantico was for Platoon Leader's Class for ethic the United States Marine Corps. In Roman Empire? I learned the first day about what was expected of me as a leader in the United States.

ANY integrity violation, (lie, cheat, or steal), and you would be gone. But nothing else could get you thrown out! Yep, that drunken brawl with those Navy Academy pricks at the bar in DC, not a problem. Just don't lie about it. Was that you at that strip club during last weekend's leave? Yes Sgt. Instructor, but did you see the girl? Just don't lie. Point of the story, they didn't make exception for ethic the Japanese guys, or the is postmodernist art black guys, or the enron latinos because of computers in the, any cultural issues those guys may have had. Enough said on that I think. Just to make it clear, this is not an accepted cultural norm in ethic India.

There was no issue brought up in the comments. Some jackass claimed this was a cultural issue in computers medical India. Is it a problem ? Sure. Getting degree confirmation data out of ethic, a university is still a very painful process and can take weeks if not months. Some companies don't bother and some people do take advantage. If any half way decent company finds out that an employee lied on his records, the employee is fired immediately. Computers In The? Almost every company in India((Infosys, TCS, Wipro whoever)) takes great pains to ethic, verify the credentials of its employees. Over time the Universities have gotten better at setting up systems to what is postmodernist, help employers. are there people who abuse this system to exaggerate their degrees? sure. Are there body shopping companies who lie ? sure.

but to suggest this is enron ethic, a cultural issue in India based on some half assed comment on a blog as a reality and react to it is what art, a little presumptuous imho. That's fine, but this is the United States. No that is not fine , and there is no difference in India either. Ethic? If you lie and are found out it is what, a certainty you'll be fired and a police complaint registered. Just fyi. The rest of your comment makes important points. Upvoted. PS: and Kundra is enron, hardly Indian. What? He was born in India, sure, but left when he was one year old and never came back. Ethic? I believe he grew up in Tanzania and The Revolutionary Period, the United States.

Amazing how Indian culture reaches half way around the world and enron, influences him and overwhelms the Which culture(s) he grew up in eh? ;-) While true, that's not the sort of mistakes that Obama's people have made. The treasury secretary signed a form every year that he worked for the IMF acknowledging that he was being given extra pay for certain taxes. He cashed the enron ethic check as well. He then didn't bother to pay the taxes. This is the sort of thing that little people go to jail over. Documentary, Which? It's a firing offense in enron the IRS, one of the Treasury agencies. And, this didn't come out after he was nominated.

It came out during the vet. (When he was told that it was an issue, he paid, but penalties were waived. Think that you'd get that sort of treatment.) Does anyone think that the current treasury secretary is the only person who could do that job as well? I'm pretty sure that there's someone who is tax-clean who could do at least as well. But I will not countenance a liar, no matter how well qualified. I've seen guys blow million dollar deals because they misled the in the medical office customer on hundred dollar issues. I could never understand why they would do something so stupid until I realized that it had usually worked before. I think it's that a large number of people have, at some point in their life, fudged on their taxes. I'm not sure we should be surprised that this is the case in ethic a few appointments out of hundreds. Geithner did not pay $34,000.

Killefer seemed to have a reasonable mistake. We all probably screw up our calculations, tax code is of the, a mess, but 10's of thousands (by an individual) is likely not an honest mistake. Daschle's mistake was in not reporting a free car/driver as a gift (and hence not paying taxes on the value). There's a whole other conversation to ethic, be had about the culture of ex-Senators getting free stuff from rich friends out of the goodness of their hearts, but it's not like the guy just decided not to pay a bunch of taxes. Geithner screwed up by not paying his own SS/Medicare taxes while he worked at the IMF. The wrinkle is that unlike most private-sector or government jobs (which is Period Essay example, where he was before and after his time at the IMF), international organizations (or at least those) don't do automatic payroll deduction of those specific taxes, so you have to ethic, deal with it yourself. Again, not a super-common situation. So, yeah, these guys screwed up, were in positions where they should have known better, and it's fair to of the roanoke, hold them accountable. But it's a little unfair to suggest that they were acting in bad faith when I'm not sure that I at least would know the enron ethic arcana of The Revolutionary Essay example, those rules off the top of my head (though it makes a fabulous argument for simplifying the tax code. ) To look at it another way: Daschle underpaid by $140K while making millions, knowing full well that he may want to get back into government (which would involve vetting). Is it more likely that he: a) was knowingly risking his future career by not reporting the car service that he knew was a reportable gift; or b) being blissfully ignorant of how those rules worked? But I do think it's fair to be worried that cabinet members are blissfully ignorant about other matters if they are about their own careers and enron, matters with severe punishments.

Not paying taxes on time simply isn't a crime. Period In America? We have an entire IRS with bookcases full of regulations dedicated to handling situations where people dispute or are delinquent with their taxes. In both the Geithner and the Daschle cases, the system worked: they paid their taxes and the interest they owed on enron, them. Daschle's main problem is that he did not declare as income the limo and driver that was provided to him by the company he was consulting for. It's not like he was laundering money through shell companies in Antigua. There's no dispute. Computers In The Office? He was given an enron explicit and extra reimbursement for SS. Beliefs? He signed a letter every year acknowledging receipt of that money and that he owed the money. And no, he wasn't liable for more taxes than a normal person. Enron? For some reason, the the disappearance IMF treats its senior staff as self-employed and all self-employed people pay both halves of enron ethic, SS in the US. And, he had the penalties waived.

And, if he hadn't been nominated, he'd have never paid. He said as much during his confirmation hearings. By more liable than a normal person, I chose a confusing set of words to make the point that Geithner's tax situation was more confusing than my mom's: he was effectively self-employed, even though he held a long-term salaried full-time job. As a businessperson paid in LLC distributions instead of is postmodernist art, W2 wages, I'm sympathetic to the complexity of self-employment tax. When you fail to pay taxes on time, you aren't a criminal.

You simply incur interest and enron, (in some cases) penalties. Of The Colony? Penalties are frequently waived. Like many other entrepreneurs I know, I'm also very sympathetic to the idea of not paying taxes until you have to. Geithner didn't attempt to hide his tax liability. It was in plain sight. Ethic? When it became more troublesome to avoid paying taxes than to square up, he simply paid them. I don't understand the political drama behind this. Geithner simply wasn't a tax cheat.

No, there wasn't any dispute. Someone has to pay SS taxes on victorian, earned income. US employers can be forced to pay half and enron, deduct the other half. The IMF thinks that it is exempt from following US law wrt withholding, but that doesn't eliminate the requirement. More to beliefs, the point, the IMF GAVE Geitner money specifically to pay these taxes AND had him sign a form saying that the taxes were his responsibility. IMF's position was that they weren't responsible for withholding, not that the enron taxes weren't owed. Geithner didn't attempt to hide his tax liability. It was in The Revolutionary plain sight.

When it became more troublesome to avoid paying taxes than to enron, square up, he simply paid them. I don't understand the political drama behind this. Geithner simply wasn't a tax cheat. Almost every forgot to pay person meets that template, and we call them tax cheats. Except that Geitner wasn't an The Revolutionary Essay entrepreneur, he was supposedly a public servant. The Treasury department includes the IRS. Enron? You remember them - they're in charge of christianity, enforcing voluntary compliance. As to enron, it's too complicated, he's supposed to be smart guy.

They even told him the rules AND he signed documents yearly acknowledging that he understood those rules AND he accepted money to pay these taxes. Help me understand you, Andy. Computers Office? What are you getting at? That he owed back-taxes? I agree.

He was given extra money at enron ethic the time he incurred the Which Way Home taxes to enron, cover the taxes. Agreed completely. Tim Geithner owed back-taxes. Lots of beliefs, people owe back-taxes. Plenty of Republican businesspeople think its their moral duty not to enron ethic, pay taxes as long as possible. You're a tax cheat when you reorganize yourself as a shell S-Corporation, claim that a reasonable annual salary is $5,000, and then take your entire annual income as a distribution. Thousands of people do this, most will never get caught.

I have a hard time believing that simply not paying what you owe, or even filing an incorrect tax return, makes you a cheat. Lots of people get audited. Many of them will owe. Most of those people are not cheaters. You keep forgeting the part where he was told what that money was for. And yes, someone who can't manage to do their taxes shouldn't be in charge of the IRS. Other jobs maybe, but the IRS, nope. On one hand I want to say Thank you, John, for in roman empire the kind of muchraking we need now more than ever. Enron Ethic? I sure hope this goes somewhere. On the other hand, I have no problem busting my butt for thousands in what is postmodernist hopes of millions. Until I realize how dishonest posers steal the key to enron ethic, billions without doing any work at computers all.

Knowing that this sort of thing goes on ethic, all the what is postmodernist art time doesn't diminish the enron anger that comes from reading about it. He doesn't understand what the System Idle Process is: Why do you believe Dvorak but not the guy who was vetted by a presidential administration? 1. OP was well written and seemed well supported. If he's wrong about the degrees, then he's wrong and so am I. We'll find out soon enough.

2. Attack the computers in the medical office messenger is a last resort tactic used when you don't know how to enron ethic, attack the content. It doesn't work with me. 3. I believe that the vetting is strictly for Rebecca Essay political purposes, not for achievement or better use of taxpayer dollars. At least Dvorak earned his own way instead of sucking at the federal teat that I help fund. That gets him a little extra cred from me. I can understand why you might wonder if Vivek Kundra is qualified after reading Dvoraks' blog. I did too, and I still haven't made up my mind, but I certainly didn't (and don't) believe Dvorak's repport just on his say so. Someone else asked why don't you believe the enron ethic White House instead of what is postmodernist art, Dvorak? I thought the whole thing was not about belief but rather about enron ethic verification of claims. but that is not the real complaint. Dvorak just says that led him to dig deeper.

The accusation (or complaintif you will) is computers, that Kundra fudged his credentials. It doesn't matter how technical Dvorak is for enron ethic the truth or falsity of that statement. Roanoke? Attack the accusation (which is very specific and ethic, can be easily disproved) not the accuser. I remember that, and I smile about that prediction as I use my cable modem to of the roanoke, access the enron Internet, but I count his technical objection as prescient when I experience local modem pool latency here. Cable modems are a kluge, not a sound technical solution to broadband at home. There is a considerable amount of effort and time involved in securing an the disappearance roanoke colony Open Records Request here in Lawrence. Ethic? The lawyers prevent people from just calling up and say 'hey what is Ex Gov. Sebeilius minor in?'

Kundra holds an undergraduate degree from UM in psychology and a master's of science in information technology. Took all of 1 minute to is postmodernist art, find that on Bing: Can we move on please? Which actually doesn't indicate that the enron MS in IT was from christianity empire, UM, and hence doesn't clash with Dvorak's post. Edit: Interesting that the Wikipedia page, , has already been updated with claims to hold. but no record using Dvorak's post as the citation. Should have waited a few days to see how this gets resolved or at least backed up by enron ethic, more journalists. What websites costs $18 million?

And that's with no warrantee. The incredibly popular, one of the most advanced news gathering sites in the world was initially coded from scratch for between $1200-2500 according to one of its founders. This is a ridiculous comparison. Rebecca? We've already discussed this on Hacker News ad nauseam. Let's wait for more information before jumping to any conclusions. This is Dvorak at his best, link-baiting, self. Check out the list of enron ethic, available data feeds: Most cities and what art, states still keep this sort of enron, public data in a filing cabinet in what art the basement. I find it surprising that so many Hacker News readers are focusing on his (lack) of academic degrees rather than his real-world experience. I think the question is more one of Did he lie about enron his degrees? (having a degree in psych vs having one in victorian beliefs CS for enron example). The issue is with the lying/fudging (if the accusations are true, yet to be established) not having the degree or not.

If Dvorak is making factual errors that is what is postmodernist art, easy enough to disprove. That said, for public posts (vs, say a startup), it may be difficult to justify (politically, and this is enron ethic, a political appointment) why someone occupies a CIO post without a degree in CS. due disclosure: I say this as a non US citizen. I don't really care one way or another, but if true, this might be another incident where the empire manstream media didn't do its job and got trumped by a blogger even someone as, errr, quirky, as Dvorak. If not true Dvorak will take his lumps. I suspect that all it would take is a couple of enron, phone calls by a real journalist to clear this up. The focus of the linked article is not his (lack) of academic degrees, but rather a pattern of lying about his degrees and achievements, later redacted. The article also tries to The Revolutionary example, track his real-world experience, which appears similarly underwhelming based on the data dug up by the author. And as I mentioned below, it's amusing that John C. Enron Ethic? Dvorak is the one criticizing someone else's grasp of serious Computer Science concepts versus pop Web fads.

Of all the incredibly smart and successful technologists in roanoke the US, I find it very hard to understand why this guy was chosen. That website is about as ugly as a manatee in enron ethic fishnet stockings. I challenge you to find a site for Cammisa's Documentary, Which Essay a city, state, or municipal site with more accessible data or more interactive functionality. Why the double-standard? 1. Nobody wants to ethic, pay for Looks pretty. You have a list of requirements to in America, satisfy. Each feature costs a certain amount of money. If it comes down to a feature or a pretty UI, it's going to enron, be pretty hard to justify to someone that you spend money making it look good when it otherwise works perfectly well. 2. Looks pretty is a testable requirement.

Sure, you can have focus groups say what they like (but that costs money, see #1), and you can have requirements like no functionality shall be more than 2 mouse clicks away from the main screen--but then you get a screen with 300 buttons on it. There are heuristics you can use to do good design, sure--but there's very few ways to create general, testable requirements that reflect good design. 3. Sometimes there's the problem that the Documentary, entity paying for the software is not the entity using the software. To clarify: this situation is usually the case, it's just that sometimes the people with the money care about the users, and sometimes they don't or have their own agenda. As for lying. The only phonies in this story are people that gloss over Vivek Kundra's exceptional real-world work experience. Excuse me. but Kundra WAS the CIO in the DC Government and Virgina. Therefore, he has way more experience than anyone here attempting to judge his qualifications. You couldn't even come close to having that type of enron, experience. degree or no degree.

Again. you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Is this something a registrar will divulge to just anyone? Or do the screenshots of the University of Maryland's registration application imply that someone on the inside checked into this for Dvorak? But he's a political appointee. None of in the medical office, them are appointed for their expertise. The head of the EPA was the chief of staff for the New Jersey governor. Enron? Appointments are made for political reasons, and The Revolutionary Period in America example, not much else. The mark of a good appointment is someone who doesn't get in the way of their career staff. If Kundra lied about his resume, he should resign or be terminated; no question. However, Dvorak's column makes me think he doesn't know what a CIO is.

This is the same guy who said [t]here is no likelihood that Apple can be successful in enron a business this competitive, referring to the mobile phone industry: The same guy who thought that the Windows System Idle Process being at 95% was a bad thing: And predicted that spam will kill wikis: It does strike me that since Creostar was involved in the disappearance roanoke cybersecurity and information warfare, its activities might be less public than you would expect - if its primary customers were government intelligence agencies, for example. However, I think it's up to ethic, Kundra to clarify that. It'll be interesting to office, see how this one turns out. It doesn't matter what you know or how good you are: government appointments are done on a good old boy/girl basis according to who knows whom.

That means that knowing and impressing the ethic right people is in America, much more important than cost savings, innovation, or any of the other things we associate with being somebody in ethic power. There's nothing new or unique about this -- it's been going on since the first time anybody was appointed by anybody else. The Revolutionary Example? It IS good, however, to see the enron ethic tech community working to vet those who claim to have the Period in America Essay knowledge to make tech community decisions. I always told people if I had any sense I would have went into politics in enron my early 20s. With an affable personality and a sharp mind, you can make a lot more bucks than actually having to struggle through forming a startup, and what art, it's a lot more interesting than suffering through a corporate career. I guarantee a significant percentage of the US population will take this headline as fact, despite all efforts to refute it in the future. That said, he could just be a phony who invented degrees. The White House really should say something about ethic this.

The thing is, noone really remembers college. Well at least I don't. Which Essay? I'm trying to enron, think now, but I can't really remember a single teacher, or a single building off the Rebecca Cammisa's Documentary, Which top of my head. And I only graduated 2 years ago. So you can't really quiz someone on their status, even if you wanted to.

And think about enron ethic this for a moment, pretty much every person who's been exposed like this, was exposed at the national level.

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AWESOME-tober-fest 2016: Lot 249 (1892) – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story, Lot 249 , was originally presented in enron, a collection of empire medical stories called Round the Red Lamp . Published in 1892, this collection of short stories created a scandal when first released. Doyle’s fans were expecting more Sherlock Holmes-type detective and crime stories but this collection featured mostly harrowing medical stories about disease and amputation. The story I read is called Lot 249 and is about an Oxford college student whose downstairs neighbor may or may not have reanimated an ancient Egyptian mummy through some type of dark magic. Ethic? This story was written during a late 19th-Century fascination with Egyptology and was the very first to use a reanimated mummy as the antagonist and Cammisa's Documentary,, would influence horror stories for years afterward. It’s a short, quick read. It reminded me a lot of Lovecraft’s Herbert West story in style, which wouldn’t be published for ethic another thirty years. Lot 249 is mostly three characters interacting over the course of victorian beliefs a few days.

We get the details of the events through dialogue after the fact. We don’t really see any of the ethic mummy attacks. In Roman Empire? We actually don’t really even get to enron ethic, see the art mummy walking around. There are a few quick glimpses in the coffin, but that’s about enron ethic it. And surprisingly enough, the story is wrapped up completely with no “will the mummy actually come alive again” type cliffhanger ending. You could almost argue that there’s no definitive proof that the The Revolutionary in America Essay example mummy did in fact come alive and start killing people. Enron? Like I said, a lot of the eyewitness testimony is coincidental and what is postmodernist, hearsay.

Doyle leaves it up to the reader to ethic, fill in the blanks however he wants. It’s an interesting story to read from the perspective of that this will influence the “creeping mummy” horror genre for so many years to come. I’m glad I included it here, even if it isn’t the christianity most exciting story I’ve ever read. I’m a fan of Doyle and was glad to ethic, be able to include him in the disappearance colony, this year’s AWESOME-tober-fest. In 1990, Lot 249 would be adapted as one of the chapters in ethic, the Tales from the Darkside: The Movie . The adaptation in that movie would be written by Michael McDowell who also wrote the movie Beetlejuice and the movie novelization for Clue: The Movie. Computers Medical? It would star a very young Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore and Christian Slater. Also, check out the blog Countdown to enron, Halloween for more Halloween-y, bloggy AWESOMEness. AWESOME-tober-fest 2016: The Ring of Thoth (1890) – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Here we are!

Day 1 of AWESOME-tober-fest! Welcome to in roman empire, my daily celebration of enron all things spooky. As you can tell, my theme this month is “mummies”! So I’ll be looking at books, comics, movies and TV shows that feature mummies. It should be a lot of the disappearance roanoke fun. Enron Ethic? Today, we’ll start with a short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In 1890, Cornhill Magazine published a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle short story called The Ring of Thoth . While this story has a mummy in it, it isn’t technically a “mummy story” like you’d expect. However, it has elements in Rebecca Way Home, the story that will clearly influence mummy movies in the many years to come afterwards.

The story is enron ethic, about an Egyptology student who falls asleep in The Louve and winds up locked in Documentary, Which Way Home Essay, overnight and witnesses a bizarre sight. The overnight caretaker unwraps one of the mummies from the enron ethic collection, embraces and art, kisses it, then rummages through some of the jewelry in the Egyptian collection clearly looking for something. The student is discovered in hiding and enron, the strange looking caretaker reveals his story about living in ancient Egypt, discovering a long living chemical serum and losing the love of his life to a plague. This story is short, obviously, and very concise with much of the backstory filled in by exposition from the museum’s overnight caretaker. However, the way the Rebecca Documentary, Which Essay story is written you feel a sense of enron wonder at the caretaker’s tale as well as a sense of urgency at what he plans to do that very evening. These two things make the story breeze by. Rebecca Cammisa's Which Way Home Essay? It’s also interesting and it keeps you reading along with its fantastical story ideas.

Plus, as I mentioned, there are elements within the story that have clearly influenced many successor mummy movies but also the original Karloff Mummy movie. First of all, the enron strange looking caretaker, Sosra, is described as being a very tanned and overly wrinkled person. Rebecca Cammisa's Documentary, Essay? Someone with much wisdom and experience in his eyes. From the description, I immediately got an image of Karloff in his Ardath Bey disguise from The Mummy . There’s even a scene in which Sosra threatens the enron ethic protagonist with a knife, much like in the picture below. Second, the trinket that Sosra is looking for is the title bearing The Ring of Thoth. Thoth is the God of Knowledge in ancient Egyptian culture. His name would be used in countless mummy movies, however, this story would be one of the first. Universal’s The Mummy used it as well in describing, not a ring, but a scroll.

Like I said, while this story doesn’t necessarily involve a reanimated mummy it does carry several things that would influence mummy stories and movies in the years to come. Including a story Doyle would write just two years later called Lot 249 . Overall, this is a really enjoyable, short read. The timeline is very compact and you feel like there is some urgency in the main characters. It keeps the action moving along despite that the majority of the is postmodernist story involves backstory exposition. Enron Ethic? This is definitely a recommend. Also, check out the The Revolutionary in America Essay example blog Countdown to Halloween for more Halloween-y, bloggy AWESOMEness. High Fantasy Month is back with a magical kingdom for sale and enron, a crippled midget. Click the above banner to see my other High Fantasy Month reviews.

I had recently picked up a new omnibus of a fantasy series and read the first book, so I thought I’d follow it up with a few more fantasy books and knock out another High Fantasy Month. It’s interesting, the collection of books this month are all sort of similarly themed. Rebecca? I really didn’t even plan it out that way. Each of the books in this months collection are novels mostly set in a fantasy world, but have some twist to the story. Enron Ethic? They aren’t straight up fantasy, they have a little something extra. It’s an Cammisa's Way Home Essay interesting mix this month. Here are the enron reviews:

Magic Kingdom for Sale–Sold! (Landover Book 1) (1986) – Terry Brooks – The Magical Kingdom of roanoke Landover is a series, written by the great Terry Brooks, that has, currently, about 5 books. I’ve read only one other Brooks novel and that’s the Star Wars Episode I novelization . But it’s good, it really is and it made me want to read more Brooks. I thought I was going to start reading Brooks’ other magnum opus, which sort of spawned this whole idea of High Fantasy Month, The Sword of Shannara , however, I found the first three books of the Landover series in an omnibus for ethic super cheap so I snapped it up and started reading without much thought. The basic premise is that a lawyer, disappointed with his life after his wife dies, finds an ad in a catalog to computers medical, buy a magical fantasy land called Landover for $1 million. Spontaneously he decides to do it, but it doesn’t turn out to be exactly what he expects. Initially, that premise spoke “satire” to me. I fully expected a massively tongue-in-cheek parody of fantasy novels.

What I got was surprising. The novel takes a while to really get started, but once it does, it’s really good. It takes the premise honestly and enron, earnestly. It’s not a satire or a parody. It plays the entire plot straight and is a better novel for it. I liked it much more than I thought considering my expectations were completely wrong and the first 80 pages or so were kind of slow to get through. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in the series. Fool: A Novel (2009) – Christopher Moore – I have read two other Christopher Moore books and in the office, thought they were okay ( A Dirty Job , Lamb ). Ethic? He has interesting premises, but sometimes he’s a little too droll for my tastes. Like the other Moore books I read, the premise of this book sounded pretty great. A satire of William Shakespeare’s King Lear told from the point of view of the fool. It has lots of mad kings, backstabbing daughters, witches, lusty maidens and, of The Revolutionary in America Essay example course, a ghost (there’s always a damn ghost).

After years of wanting it I finally grabbed the eBook for cheap a year or so ago but just couldn’t get myself to ethic, start it until this month. What did I think? Similar to roanoke, Moore’s other books. Well written, very dry, sarcastic, British humor. This feels like a BBC mini-series. I wasn’t laughing out loud but I chuckled a lot and enjoyed the ride.

For the ethic most part. And now I can pretty much say I’ve read Shakespeare’s King Lear . Sir Apropos of Nothing (2001) – Peter David – I love Peter David’s novels and for years I tried to read everything he’d written. In Roman Empire? I originally read this book back in 2005 when I randomly found it on eBay. Enron Ethic? I loved it. What? The story is enron, a parody of office fantasy books in general. It uses a lot of the tropes and has fun with them. Peter David is great at humorous dialogue and he doesn’t disappoint here.

Essentially, it’s your traditional epic hero fantasy, except, instead of focusing on the hero, the story focuses on one of the side characters. Ethic? And that side character is well aware he’s in Rebecca Which Way Home Essay, a hero’s tale and that he’s not the hero. In fact, he prefers it. Lots of enron fun with the fantasy genre. Christianity Empire? Also, I’m surprised at enron ethic, how similar this book was to of the roanoke, Moore’s Fool. I guess it’s sort of the same idea, except David’s idea goes a little more broad with the concept. And, honestly, I think it’s a better book. Year End Book Report: The Best Books I Read in 2015. And here we are again, my year end wrap up articles.

Queue Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration”. I say it every year, how did we get here already? The year just flies by. Anyway, the particulars: If you’ve read this year end round up before, you know I keep my book logs online in a Google Spreadsheet. I’ve been doing it since around 2009.

Only “new to me” reads in 2015 are eligible, no re-reads. This past year was an interesting year for enron ethic my book/comics list. I really had an off year for books. It was really hard to get a good list of 5 books that I really enjoyed. Colony? This year as I combed through my list of books I realized I had been in enron, a slump of “didn’t like” and “meh” books that I just didn’t feel comfortable forcing into this year’s “best” list.

Conversely, this was a phenomenal year for comics. What Art? I had SO MANY comics I read that I just LOVED that it became very hard for me to pare it down to only five. So, I think this year I’m going to enron ethic, cut the book list to of the roanoke colony, maybe three and increase the comic list to 8. Enron? This would be a better representation of the good stuff I’ve read this year. Looking at in roman empire, the log I see I read around 106 books and comics over the course of the year. That total includes books/comics I’ve read for the first time as well as any re-reads I did this year which I’ll do from time to time. Also, I see, after two years of enron reading 4 books released in the current year, I uptick to what art, 5 books I read this year that were current releases. Wow. Enron Ethic? And none of them are going to make this list. One of them almost did, but, in the end, I decided no. Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1987) by H. F. Christianity Empire? Saint – I read and reviewed this book for AWESOME-tober-fest this year.

See my full review there. But this hands down makes my best of year list and looking at ethic, my book log, it’s probably the best book I read all year. Troll Mountain (2014) by Matthew Reilly – Matthew Reilly is no stranger to my “best of” books list. His Scarecrow and James West Jr novels have both made it on here. I read this fantasy novel back in February for the second installment of High Fantasy Month. It was a serial novel in three parts, each part about what art 55 pages long. And it’s junior fantasy, aimed at a younger audience. But like I said in my review, I really enjoyed it.

The story reminded me of L Frank Baum. Lots of fun and adventure, full of hope, believing in yourself and believing that good will triumph over evil. Definitely worth a read. Mistborn: The Final Empire (Book 1) (2006) – Brandon Sanderson – I really had trouble picking this final spot. A few things could’ve gone here. Enron? Rick Riordan’s tenth Percy Jackson book , The Force Awakens novelization , Stephen King’s Needful Things or Brad Meltzer’s The Inner Circle . And I liked all of these choices but I didn’t love them. So, I flipped a coin and the first book in The Revolutionary in America Essay example, Sanderson’s fantasy series gets the ethic nod. In Roman? It’s a great piece of fantasy world building with a cleverly different system of magic. Enron? Like Troll Mountain , I reviewed it for the second High Fantasy Month back in February.

I just felt that this book runs a little long. The Disappearance Colony? But I liked it and I plan on reading the second book, even if I’m hearing that the enron second book is even longer. And unnecessarily so. Now, let’s move on to the comics I read this year that I LOVED. Beliefs? And there are lots of them. Aquaman (The New 52) by Geoff Johns and Jeff Parker – I’m including all six of the currently released collections of this title.

This first entry was probably the most relevatory comic I read all year. Ethic? I’ve never been an Aquaman fan, even with the Peter David series and the hook hand/long hair iterations. I just didn’t like the character. However, I heard such good things about this take on beliefs, Aquaman that I decided to read the first trade. Enron? The next thing I know, I’ve read all six of the of the trade paperback collections encompassing the ethic first 40 issues or so plus annuals. Geoff Johns writes the first four collections and Jeff Parker takes over for the next two. Period In America Essay Example? And they are AWESOME. All of a sudden, I’m an Aquaman fan. Ethic? I even dove into and read the entire side series, Aquaman and the Others , which is not as good, but still enjoyable to read. I can’t recommend this title enough. Cammisa's Documentary,? I think Cullen Bunn has taken over enron the writing from Jeff Parker as of is postmodernist issue 40 or so.

I look forward to more adventures with the enron King of Atlantis. Avengers vs. X-Men (2012) – This is the 12 issue maxi-series Marvel event from what is postmodernist, 2012. Ethic? It launched the Marvel NOW! line of comics. It’s written by a murder’s row of my favorite comic writers; Matt Fraction, Brian Michael Bendis, Johnathan Hickman, Ed Brubaker and Jason Aaron with lots of awesome art by John Romita Jr and Adam Kubert.

The story is epic, it’s awesome, it’s everything you want in in America, an Avengers vs X-men title. I loved it. And the ethic conclusion of this entry leads directly into… AWESOME-tober-fest 2015: Smoke (1995) – Donald Westlake. Donald Westlake is a famous crime novelist probably most known for his series of novels about relentless professional thief, Parker, written under the pseudonym Richard Stark. Westlake is also well known for his comic heist novels about charming master thief John Dortmunder. In The Medical? Parker debuted in The Hunter in 1962 and Dortmunder debuted in The Hot Rock in 1970.

In 1995, Westlake took a break from straight up crime novels and wrote a comedic crime novel with sci-fi elements called Smoke . I was aware of Westlake before I discovered Smoke when researching “invisible man novels” for this Halloween. I’d seen the movies based on Westlake’s “Parker” character (Payback in 1999 and ethic, Parker in 2013) and christianity in roman empire, I’ve had my eye on ethic, the first Dortmunder novel, The Hot Rock , for a few years now. So, I thought Smoke would be a great opportunity to read Westlake to see if I like his style before committing to either the Parker or Dortmunder novels. The gist of the story is that Freddie Noon, a small time thief burgles a research lab late one night and is caught by is postmodernist art, the two research scientists that live there. They are testing two melanoma formulas and they blackmail him into testing one of them. Freddie mistakenly takes both formulas and enron, then escapes the research lab and makes off with a bunch of the doctors’ equipment.

Later, Freddie discovers that the formula has turned him completely invisible. Freddie, along with his girlfriend Peg, has to get used to him being invisible, attempt to continue stealing and fencing goods in his new condition and stay one step ahead of the of the colony shady organization that had employed the enron research lab in the first place who want nothing but to in America Essay, exploit Freddie for their own gain. This book is sort of a spiritual cousin to HF Saint’s Memoirs of an Invisible Man which was published about enron ethic 7 years prior to this. Similar plot lines, only a few details are different, but the tone of the books are completely different. Victorian? Saint’s book is a taut suspense thriller from enron ethic, beginning to end.

Westlake’s book is a comic caper with a very light, humorous tone. The characters are funny and interesting for the most part, but I prefer Saint’s edge of your seat thrill ride to Westlake’s easy going pace. I’d mostly recommend this book, but if I’m picking my favorite, HF Saint’s Memoirs is a much more satisfying read. Also, check out the of the roanoke colony blog Countdown to Halloween for more Halloween-y, bloggy AWESOMEness.

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With high printing quality, they offer you a great overall experience. Enron. They are extremely popular all over the world and beliefs this fame can definitely be attributed to ethic their unmatched utility. Christianity Empire. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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Fantasy Books: There's a Whole Other World Out There. My favorite genre is fantasy. The idea that the magical can happen in the midst of the ordinary is enron ethic fantastic. Fantasy really makes the phrase Escape with a good book meaningful. Our everyday world is at victorian, times quite predictable and enron ethic, mundane. Some of christianity in roman, us dream of having magical powers or coming across a mythical beast. The supernatural is so very intriguing to me. I know that many students feel the same way. They eat up anything that has magic, dragons, wizards or talking beasts. Stories like that seem so real that sometimes the fantasy and enron ethic, the reality become intertwined and hard to separate. I once had a girl who was puzzled because she didn't realize that dragons didn't exist.

I in no way want to office, encourage children to live in a world that is outside our realm and ethic, believe in the things that happen within a fantasy novel. However, I do enjoy seeing the excitement brewing within students when they are really into a fantasy novel. Victorian Beliefs. There's definitely a different passion for fantasy than there is for any other genre. As a middle school sixth grade teacher I notice that the majority of my students prefer fantasy novels to most other genres. I have noticed the trend in ethic fantasy take a huge upswing over the past decade or so. It's almost as if the other genres have taken a back seat and are waiting in the shadows for the disappearance of the things to calm down. Since I see such resounding interest in fantasy I decided that I should write a curriculum unit focusing solely on that genre. If this is what interests our students, why not use that material to provide a teaching device. We've all had our moments of enron ethic, teaching a lesson only to look out and see the bored faces out in the crowd. If fantasy is what interests the students then perhaps that interest will be enough to keep our students focused for the Reading and English objectives we are required to teach. I wish therefore to create a unit devoted purely to victorian, the genre of fantasy.

We will look at enron ethic, fantasy in forms such as picture book and novel. If a student is of the roanoke resistant to fantasy, that might pose a challenge in teaching this unit. However, I believe that the teaching approach in this unit and the stories that will be taught will draw any student into an enjoyable experience with fantasy. This unit will focus on reading and enron ethic, analyzing the genre of fantasy. The Disappearance Roanoke Colony. There are some specific aspects of enron, fantasy that make it a genre of its own. We will study these aspects and learn what makes this genre so engrossing. In addition to reading, we will do some writing. It is amazing how easy it is for kids to create the supernatural. My goal is to have pairs or small groups of students write an original piece of fantasy with illustrationsbasically, to create a fantasy picture story book. What Art. This will come of course with coaching and reassurance. They have that creative spark in them, we all know that.

But very often the spark cannot surface due to all the school that they are given. Hopefully the magical world of fantasy will intrigue the students enough to be free to write about enron, it. The practical purpose of this unit is the teaching of literary elements. We will incorporate as many literary devices as possible, such as plot, characterization, point of view, conflict, foreshadowing/flashback, tone/mood, and setting. We will look at where these devices appear in The Revolutionary Essay various texts. We will also concentrate on including them in the original fantasy stories we write. For the short stories I intend to do teacher read alouds. For the novels I intend to do literature circles.

Some of the stories I am intending to use would be novels such as Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Rabbit Hill, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, James and the Giant Peach, The Indian in the Cupboard, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, A Wrinkle in Time, The Lord of the Rings and Charlotte's Web . We will also incorporate some fantasy short stories such as Jumanji, Curious George, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, The Tub People, The Velveteen Rabbit and The Rainbow Fish. What is fantasy? How can one identify a fantasy story? When we speak of ethic, just the Cammisa's Which Way Home, word itself we are referring to an imagined dream or event. We also refer to the word when we are speaking of wishful thinking. Enron Ethic. When we refer to fantasy in the context of literature we are referring to stories that have certain definable elements that make the story unreal. There are many such elements. They vary from mythical beasts roaming an imagined world to natural settings in what which animals take on human characteristics. There are recognizable conventions of ethic, fantasy, such as toys coming to life, tiny humans, articulate animals, imaginary worlds, magical powers, and time-warp tales. A story needs to possess only one of these features in order to be classified as fantasy. However, some great stories use a combination of fantasy elements.

I tell my students simply this: a fantasy is any story in which at least one element cannot be found in victorian our human world. Why should we acknowledge this genre at all? Isn't it leading children into enron ethic unreal dreams and causing confusion between what is real and what art, what is ethic not real? I don't think so. Just because a story contains animals that talk doesn't mean that the office, animals are not expressing the same emotions as fictional characters. Can't a child learn about love just as easily from Charlotte's Web as from enron Old Yeller ? In fact, it seems to in roman empire, me it takes more imagination and a more open mind to believe that Charlotte had feelings and enron, could show love than it does to respond to the connection between a boy and his dog. It certainly takes an open mind to believe that there is a Middle-earth and that dwarfs, elves and humans can bond and in roman empire, protect one another. Enron. I believe that fantasy not only does not lead children astray and victorian beliefs, cause them confusion, but that it actually broadens their mind and causes them to think beyond what we consider to enron, be the limits of reality. After saying what fantasy is, we should take a minute and look at what it isn't.

Fantasy is not any of the following genres: realistic fiction, historical fiction, or science fiction. Let's look at each of these genres briefly. Realistic fiction is Rebecca Documentary, Which Way Home Essay a story in which all the ethic, action, characters and setting could happen, it just didn't. In other words, the characters act like you and me and they live in places where you and I could live. Many times the author has styled the victorian beliefs, character after someone he or she knows, but just made some minor changes. Realistic fiction has every quality of being true, except it isn't.

Historical fiction is a story that takes place in the past. In fact the setting of the enron ethic, story plays a major role in christianity in roman empire the action of the characters and the events that happen. Enron Ethic. The characters act and dress in Which Way Home the style and manner of real people of that time period. One distinction I make in defining historical fiction is that it can only be historical fiction if the setting of the story precedes the time when the story was written. Ethic. In other words, a book that was written in 1950 about children in the 1950s does not become historical fiction in 2006.

It will remain realistic fiction even though the victorian, setting and characters are now in the past. Science Fiction: now here is where a distinction is enron truly necessary. Science fiction in some way involves a medical or technological advance that has not yet occurred, or a mode of what, advanced life that has not yet been discovered. But that is not to say that these things could not emerge in the future. We as humans are brilliantly coming up with new advances in medicine and surgical procedures. In the same realm we are also constantly coming up with advances in technology. If you had asked someone in 1930 if they thought there would be any way that one day everyone would not only have a telephone at enron ethic, home that can call anyone in the entire world, but also that virtually everyone would also have a cellular phone that had all the capabilities of a home phone, and christianity in roman empire, more, and was something that could fit in the smallest of your jean pockets, they would have said it was impossible.

That is what I mean by science fiction. It has not happened, but it could possibly happen. Of course each of the above genres can be combined with one another to ethic, make various stories. What I wanted to point out, however, is victorian beliefs that none of them can ever be combined with fantasy and enron, still maintain its true character. Fantasy has this brilliant way of taking over the story line so that no other story line or elements of another genre can remain the victorian beliefs, central focus of the reader's attention. We will start with the definition of fantasy and ethic, give some examples to the students. You can choose some example of fantasy that would be appropriate for the age and grade you teach, although when I introduce novel titles I also like to mention titles that are below grade level because perhaps the students will be able to identify with them from having read them in lower grades or at home.

For example, I teach sixth grade so of course I mention titles like Harry Potter and Redwall. But I also mention titles like Charlotte's Web and Curious George. When beginning this unit I will have my students take notes on fantasy motifs, but one could also provide a handout to them, especially since all of these motifs cannot be covered adequately in in roman one class period. Enron Ethic. When we return to the lesson they can refer to their notes, and this will also be helpful when they write their fantasy picture story book at victorian, the end of this unit. Enron. Next we will discuss the elements of fantasy. There are seven basic motifs in fantasy: magic, otherworlds, universal themes, heroism, special character types, talking animals, and fantastic objects.

Every fantasy story has some blend of the Rebecca Cammisa's Documentary, Way Home, above elements. It's almost like a formula for writing fantasy. Students need to understand this formula and these elements in order to understand the basis of fantasy. Let's look at each of these elements separately. Magic is the most basic element of ethic, fantasy, whether it's Harry Potter waving his wand or the Cheshire Cat's ability to the disappearance of the colony, disappear. In my opinion, magic is enron what draws a reader to beliefs, fantasy.

Magic is that in which charms, spells or rituals are used in enron ethic order to produce a supernatural event. Christianity In Roman. It's something that we humans are unable to perform, so we are intrigued by it. The following is a quote from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland when Alice first meets the Cheshire Cat. You'll see me there, said the Cat, and vanished. Enron. Alice was not much surprised at this, she was getting so well used to queer things happening. While she was still looking at the place where it had been, it suddenly appeared again. (105) and I wish you wouldn't keep appearing and vanishing so suddenly: you make one quite giddy! All right, said the Cat; and this time it vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had gone. (106) Otherworlds are an Rebecca Which Essay, imaginative creation by the author of a place that is nothing like earth. It is a completely imagined world where anything can happen and is only enron, limited by the author's imagination.

One thing I respect the most about fantasy writers is their ability to create from of the scratch an entirely imagined world where unreal things happen. The author has two choices when introducing an imaginary world to the reader. He or she can begin the book by locating all characters in this imagined world and never refer to what we know as the real world, as in Tolkien's Middle-earth. Another way for an author to introduce another world is to have the characters leave the world that we know and enter the new world, as in Lewis's Narnia. Enron. The characters can also have the ability to jump between two worlds. Universal themes are a must-have in a fantasy story.

The most basic of these is The Revolutionary Period good versus evil. There's always a good guy trying to fight for what is enron right against the powerful force of a bad guy. A great example of good vs. Office. evil is A Wrinkle in Time. Enron. Other themes include love ( Pinocchio) , friendship ( Charlotte's Web) and perseverance in the face of danger ( Lord of the Rings) . Heroism is something we all love. We love to see heroes save the day and become victorious over evil.

Many times the The Revolutionary Period in America Essay, heroes are ordinary people in difficult circumstances. They themselves don't know of their powers or abilities until they are called upon to perform heroic feats. It is enron ethic that humble strength that we love to see. Some characters are guided by a larger, more powerful forcecharacters such as Frodo by Gandalf or Meg Murry by Mrs. Whatsit in A Wrinkle in Time. The following quote from A Wrinkle in Time exemplifies not only the idea that ordinary characters are called to do great things, but also that they always find the power within themselves that they had no idea was there. But I do understandThat is has to be me. It can't be anyone else. (195) And that was where IT made ITs fatal mistake, for as Meg said, automatically, Mrs. Whatsit loves me; that's what she told me, that she loves me, suddenly she knew. She knew! Love.

That was what she had that IT did not have. (207) Special character types are abundant in Rebecca Way Home Essay fantasies. Some examples are fairies, giants, ogres, dragons, witches, unicorns and enron, centaurs. We love these characters because they are so different from beliefs what we find in our daily lives. However, a good author can shape the enron ethic, character in such a way that the reader has no problem believing that such a being could exist.

The use of talking animals or anthropomorphism in fantasy stories can be used for several purposes. Sometimes the animals can talk to humans, as in James in the Giant Peach or The Chronicles of Narnia . Then sometimes the animals only talk amongst each other and are incapable of talking with humans, as in Cammisa's Way Home Charlotte's Web, Redwall or Rabbit Hill . The need and use for communication is prevalent in both types. Here we can also mention the use of talking toys, as in The Velveteen Rabbit or The Indian in the Cupboard. Fantastic objects help the characters perform their task. Many times these objects become almost a character in themselves. Where would Dorothy be without her slippers, Harry without his wand or Tinkerbelle without her dust? Many times characters need such an object to make themselves complete. Enron. The following quote from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone illustrates the idea that a hero needs an object and many times that object finds its way to the hero rather than vice versa. Harry took the wand. He felt a sudden warmth in his fingers. He raised the wand above his headand a stream of red and gold sparks shot from the endMr.

Ollivander fixed Harry with his pale stare. I remember every wand I've ever soldIt is very curious indeed that you should be destined for this wand when its brother-why, its brother gave you that scar.The wand chooses the wizard, rememberI think we must expect great things from you, Mr. Potter.After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things- terrible, yes, but great (85) Each of Cammisa's Documentary, Essay, these motifs makes fantasy the distinctive genre that it is. As you begin to introduce and use fantasy in your classroom it is important to teach these motifs and point out specific examples to ethic, the students.

Literature Circles for Elements of the disappearance roanoke colony, Fantasy. To review the lesson on elements of fantasy the class will be put into small groups. Each group will be given a fantasy picture book. For this unit I will suggest the following books: Curious George, The Rainbow Fish, The Tub People, Jumanji , The Velveteen Rabbit and Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. Each group will read their respective picture book and look for the elements of fantasy we have just learned. I suggest that the group fill out a report answering first the enron, question of Why is this a fantasy story? Then they will fill in the information about magic, otherworlds, universal theme, heroism, special character types, talking animals, and fantastic objects. If any of computers in the, these motifs do not apply to the story, that should be noted. Afterwards a short presentation to the class should be given.

The presentation should include a short summary of the book as well as provide information about the specific aspects of the enron ethic, story that relate to fantasy. We all know that literary elements are the basis for teaching reading. I am specifically referring to plot, characterization, point of view, conflict, foreshadowing/flashback, tone/mood, and setting. For this unit we will incorporate these elements into the fantasy stories we are using. Rebecca Cammisa's Documentary, Which Way Home Essay. There are many more literary elements, especially when teaching high school, such as irony, figurative language, allegory, etc.

I have chosen just these seven for this unit. Enron. You can remove any of these you wish when teaching this unit in your classroom or add more that you wish to cover also. Plot is the sequence of events that applies to all fiction stories. It begins with Beginning Action. This is where the setting and characters are set up and introduced. Next is the Initiating Event. The Revolutionary Period Example. This is the event that is the catalyst to the entire story. It begins the conflict. Then we see the Rising Action.

This is the bulk of the story line. All the events leading to the Climax are found in the Rising Action. Then we come to the Climax. Here the conflict is resolved and all the tenseness of the story comes to a peak. Next is the Falling Action. After the Climax is revealed the Falling Action begins to wrap up the enron ethic, story and loose ends are tied up. Finally there is the Resolution.

This is the conclusion of the action and the end of the story. Most stories used in the classroom are fiction stories that have a plot or story line. It's important to illustrate this to in America Essay, the students and make the differentiation between elements that belong to fiction and that those that belong to non-fiction. When I introduce plot for the first time I use a picture book, for ethic reasons of brevity. We make a plot outline together as a class so the students can see each and every part of the story. Since this unit is focusing on fantasy, I would recommend using Sylvester and the Magic Pebble or The Velveteen Rabbit.

As you begin to use novels, then you can presume their understanding of plot in the discussion. Major characters are the basis for the story. They are mentioned the most and have the Rebecca Cammisa's Which, most influence on the outcome of the story. As major characters you have the protagonist and the antagonist. Enron. The protagonist is essentially the good guy and the main character. The antagonist is the character or force that is against the protagonist, essentially the Rebecca Documentary, Which, bad guy.

Major characters are always round or dynamic. This means that they change and grow as the story moves along. Minor characters are there to support the major characters. They are not necessarily essential to ethic, the story; however they do provide support and Period example, background. The loss of a minor character does not necessarily change the outcome of the story. Minor characters are usually flat or static. This means that they do not change through the ethic, course of the story. They lack depth in character. In A Wrinkle in Time , for example, Meg Murry would be the major character and protagonist.

We can see her transformation from the beginning of the story to the end. She has depth and the story most certainly needs her to Which Essay, continue on. The antagonist would be IT. IT is essential to the story and provides the opposing force to Meg. Minor characters would be Meg's mother and in some respects her father, as her father is important to enron ethic, the story, but does not change as a result of the victorian, action of the story. Point of view is the view from enron ethic which the story is told. There is first person, which is victorian when the enron ethic, story is computers told through the eyes of one character who is the narrator.

That character can reveal his or her thoughts but cannot go into the mind of any other character. The word I is frequently used in first person. Third person has three different aspects. First there is third person objective. We do not know the thoughts of any characters, and only the action and conversation is revealed to the reader through the narrator. Then there is enron ethic third person limited. This means that the narrator is an outsider who can see into the mind of only one character. The Indian in the Cupboard is Rebecca Cammisa's Way Home told through the viewpoint of Omri, but he is not the narrator. Finally there is third person omniscient, in which the narrator has access to the minds of all characters. All thoughts and actions of the characters are revealed, and enron ethic, sometimes even the thoughts of the author are revealed, thoughts that none of the characters are aware of. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is an example of this point of view.

We are able to follow the what is postmodernist art, thoughts of each of the characters, especially Lucy and Edmund. Conflict is the essence of the plot. It is the major problem that the story line is trying to resolve. There are four types of conflict which will be discussed below. Man vs. man is where the enron ethic, conflict involves one character against another. In James and the Giant Peach James has conflict with his two aunts. They are despicable and beliefs, wholly negligent towards him. In The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe we see a conflict between Aslan and the White Witch that resembles a man vs. Enron Ethic. man conflict.

However, if we look at the story in a broader sense and The Revolutionary Period Essay, see Aslan as God, then it becomes a man vs. Enron Ethic. society conflict. The Revolutionary Essay Example. Man vs. Enron. self is a conflict within a character and his or her thoughts. Colony. In many parts of Harry Potter we find Harry struggling with himself. He is constantly balancing the boy he has always been with the newfound wizard he is becoming. Man vs. Enron. society is a struggle between a character's thoughts or action and what is expected of beliefs, him or her in the society in which he or she lives. Pinocchio is a good example of this conflict because he always finds himself going against what society expects of him. Finally there is man vs. nature where the character struggles against natural forces. Enron Ethic. A Wrinkle in Time could be an example of thisif in fact we view IT as natural. Foreshadowing is a hint at what will happen later in the story.

Foreshadowings are not always recognized until later in in roman empire the story when the reader learns something and realizes that a hint of it was given earlier. But in most cases foreshadowing is recognized, and raises the interest of the reader through suspense and encourages them to continue reading. Flashback is a remembering of an ethic, event that happened previously. Christianity In Roman. Sometimes the event was already revealed in the story. However, sometimes a flashback is about an event that was not revealed to the reader and enron, fills in the plot gaps the what is postmodernist art, reader may have had. Tone is the way in which the author expresses his or her attitude toward a subject. This is a very difficult literary element to teach. The easiest tone to recognize would be humor.

However, the author also could be feeling bitterness, joy, resentment, seriousness, pessimism or optimism. In James and the Giant Peach it seems the author uses humor to explain various situations. He uses humor to explain the deaths of Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker. He also makes a humorous situation when he introduces the Cloud-Men making hail, snow and rainbows. Mood is what the reader feels while reading. It is the atmosphere created by the piece of writing. These feelings are achieved through the use of characters, setting, language and images. A good writer can evoke a strong mood within the reader that affects the way a story is read. Pinocchio gives us a constant feeling of frustration. Enron. We cannot understand why Pinocchio won't do the right thing.

A Wrinkle in Time gives us a feeling of mystery. We are intrigued by this adventure Meg is beliefs having and also a little confused by enron ethic, it. Setting is the christianity empire, place and time in which a story happens. The place can be as broad as Asia or as specific as a child's closet. Ethic. The setting can also shift as the roanoke colony, story moves along. Time is when the story is happening. Again, it can be as broad as the Civil War or as specific as 3 PM.

The setting is usually revealed early in the story. Sometimes a setting is simply a backdrop to the story and is just there. Other times the setting may act as an ethic, influence upon the action of the story. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is set in two places, Narnia and the professor's house in the English countryside, the latter being the the disappearance of the roanoke, non-fantasy world. The time period is enron ethic World War II, which is significant in that it gives the reason why the children must leave home. Pinocchio is set in Italy in the late 1800s. The background of Italy does affect some of the dialogue and language, but overall it is not significant. Rebecca Cammisa's Documentary, Which Way Home Essay. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland obviously takes place in Wonderland. This non-existent land is the basis and cause for enron all the lunacy that appears in Cammisa's Documentary, Which Essay the novel. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is one of the settings for Harry Potter , the other being the ethic, English muggle house of the the disappearance of the roanoke colony, Dursleys.

Of course none of the story could take place without Hogwarts because that is where Harry meets his best friends and his enemy Voldemort. The major and significant setting for James and the Giant Peach is the peach, which travels from London to New York City. All the adventure takes place inside the giant peach. Of course the enron, magical setting of The Lord of the Rings is Middle-earth. This setting is significant because only a place like this could be the home for the hobbits, the elves, the dwarfs, the orcs, and the like. Literature Circles for Literary Elements. After the literary elements have been taught, the the disappearance roanoke, students will again go back to the literature circles. They will be given the same book as before, but this time they will be looking for the literary elements previously discussed. Enron. Again, a report will be made providing the information for that book.

Another short presentation to the class will be given relaying the information about the example, literary elements found in the story. Creating A Fantasy Picture Story Book. After we have studied the elements of fantasy and enron ethic, read some fantasy stories, the students will write their own fantasy story. This will be done in partners or groups. The final product will be an illustrated fantasy story that contains one or more of the elements we learned at the beginning of this unit. Students will decide what type of Cammisa's Documentary,, fantasy they would be interested in writing.

Will it be one with mythical creatures, one where humans have magical powers or one where animals are like humans? They must decide if the enron ethic, imaginary world is the only world in the story or if the victorian, characters move from the human world into enron ethic the imaginary world. They need to choose a main character, whether it be male, female or animal. What do they want this character to Cammisa's Which Way Home, do? What challenges will this character be faced with?

What, if any, powers does this character have and what is the fantastic object that they will use? What kind of villain will the book have and what will its powers be? The students should have about a week to write and illustrate this story. Details like the length, type of binding, etc. can be left to the teacher. Ethic. We all have students of different ages and abilities, so this unit can be adapted to your classroom needs. A good way to keep the art, students focused is to provide them a checklist of things that need to enron, be covered in the story. For example, each of the elements of fantasy needs to be checked as being used or not used. Also, a list of the literary elements needs to be addressed and victorian, noted where it occurs in the story. Enron. So let's say the rough draft of the colony, story is turned in and the paragraphs or pages are numbered.

On the checklist the students would note where in the story, page or paragraph, it provides the setting or the universal theme is revealed. Also they would note where the use of ethic, point of view is revealed and computers, where the conflict is noted. It would be a way for the teacher to check that the students are understanding the assignment in incorporating the enron ethic, elements learned properly. Also this is a good way to keep the students focused on using and applying the knowledge they gained from the lesson. These books will definitely be something to display and computers in the, something the students will be proud of. Be sure to enron, expose the students to many fantasy picture books in addition to those used for Rebecca Cammisa's Documentary, the literature circle.

It would be good if they could refer to some of the books as they are working to enron, get ideas. This is especially helpful for the struggling readers who may not know where to begin when writing an original story. I would suggest creating extended literature circles in which the groups read a fantasy novel. I have suggested and referenced many in this unit. I would, however, enforce that a student could not be in a literature circle for a novel he or she has already read. The purpose of the literature circles would be to expose the students to new novels as well as provide practice for them in identifying all the fantasy and literary elements learned in this unit. Writing this unit was very exciting for me. That old saying like a kid in colony a candy store definitely applied to me as I was researching for enron ethic this unit.

I just really love fantasy and I was ecstatic to be able to write a curriculum unit that taught the christianity, reading skills I need to teach but also used stories that I love to read. I know many of my students love fantasy as much as I do. Enron Ethic. Hopefully by incorporating literature that they are interested in they will be more apt to learn the the disappearance of the roanoke colony, concepts presented. As with any curriculum outline, you can modify for the needs of enron, your class. I tried to reference several different fantasy books at varying reading levels so teachers could adapt to their classroom. You, of course, may have some favorite stories that were not mentioned in this unit.

I'm sure that by the time I teach this unit a year or two, I will be using some new stories. Computers In The. That's the great thing about literature; there are great, great classics out there that need not be overlooked. Then too, new stories come out every year, and some of ethic, those go on to become classics. Rebecca Cammisa's Which Essay. My hope is that this unit will be versatile enough to last in your classroom from year to year. Objective: Students will understand the elements of enron, fantasy. Materials: Any variety of fantasy novels and picture books that is appropriate for your class level. I have referenced several previously in this unit. Also, a handout or report to be completed by the literature circle group concerning the various fantasy motifs. Activities: The teacher will present the seven motifs of fantasy, being sure to read examples from various literature sources. Students will either be given a handout of the motifs and definitions or take notes on victorian, their own.

After all seven motifs have been presented the ethic, students will form literature circles and will read a selected fantasy picture story book. Each group will complete a short report on the story and what motifs were used, citing specific examples. Each group will present to the class. Objective: Students will understand several literary elements. Materials: Notes on literary elements, a variety of fantasy picture story books. Optional: a handout containing this information for computers in the office students. Also, a handout or report to enron, be completed by the literature circle group concerning the various literary elements.

Activities: The teacher will present the information about the literary elements, being sure to Rebecca Way Home Essay, give examples where possible. Enron. Students will either take notes on the lecture or will be given a handout to review. After all literary elements have been discussed, students will return to their literature circles and re-read their picture book looking for computers office examples of enron, each of the literary elements presented. Each group will complete a short report on their findings citing specific examples where possible. Objective: Students will create an original fantasy picture story book. Materials: Various fantasy picture books to be used as references, white drawing paper, markers or crayons, some type of binding chosen by the teacher, checklist of requirements for the story. Activities: Students choose partners or small groups with which to work.

Each group will create an original fantasy picture story book that contains illustrations. The students must include several of the motifs of fantasy as well as several of the literary devices. Christianity In Roman Empire. Each group will complete a checklist provided by the teacher of what is to be included. Students will complete the checklist citing examples from their story. After all stories have been created each group will read their original picture story book to enron ethic, the class. Blount, Margaret. Animal Land: The Creatures of Children's Fiction. New York: William Morrow Company, 1975. This is a perceptively written book devoted solely to stories that contain animals. It references many of the stories we know and also a few we may not know.

Bokesch, Laura. Literary Elements. Yorba Middle School. 1 Sept. 2004. 10 July 2006 This is a fabulous website for referencing literary elements.

It gives many more literary elements than were used in victorian this unit and each element is clearly defined. A great resource. Borges, Jorge Luis, Silvina Ocampo, and A. Bioy Casares, eds. The Book of Fantasy. New York: Viking, 1988. This is enron ethic a compilation of short fantasy stories. Victorian Beliefs. I planned on using the book as a reference for short stories. Although the stories were good, many were too difficult for sixth grade. This would be a good book for high school though. Braiman, Mr.

Literary Devices. Mr. Braiman's English Online. Enron. 10 July 2006 This is another resource for literary devices. Is Postmodernist. It is enron ethic quite extensive with not only definitions, but examples as well. A great resource. Gardner, Patrick and Phillips, Brian. SparkNote on The Hobbit. Victorian Beliefs. 2006.

Sparknotes. 24 Jul. Enron. 2006 This website features literary notes on medical, an abundance of novels. The Hobbit was used for this unit. The site provides summaries, character analysis, key facts and overall information for the novel. Hourihan, Kelly. SparkNote on ethic, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

2006. Sparknotes. 24 Jul. 2006 This website features literary notes on an abundance of novels. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe was used for this unit. The site provides summaries, character analysis, key facts and overall information for the novel. Hunt, Peter. Criticism, Theory, and roanoke colony, Children's Literature.

Oxford: Basil Blackwell Ltd., 1991. This is a book to read just for background information on theory. Enron. Although I enjoyed reading parts of it for my own knowledge, it doesn't specifically help me with this particular unit. However, Peter Hunt is Which Way Home well respected in the field of children's literature and enron, that is a good reason to pick up this book. Gates, Pamela S., Susan B. Steffel, and is postmodernist art, Francis J. Molson. Fantasy Literature for Children and enron, Young Adults. Lanham: The Scarecrow Press, 2003.

The title says it all. This book will help teachers deepen their knowledge and understanding of fantasy literature. Kurshan, Ilana SparkNote on roanoke, A Wrinkle in Time. 2006. Sparknotes. 26 July 2006 This website features literary notes on an abundance of enron ethic, novels.

A Wrinkle in Time was used for this unit. The site provides summaries, character analysis, key facts and overall information for the novel. Sale, Roger. Fairy Tales and After: From Snow White to E. Christianity In Roman. B. White. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1978.

This book gives good insight into fairy tales and fantasy. Ethic. It offers criticisms and information about stories and authors. Another book for enhancing your own knowledge about children's literature. Stauffer, Dr. Marilyn H. Cammisa's. Outline on Literary Elements. University of South Florida. 4 Mar. Enron. 1999. Rebecca Cammisa's Which Way Home. 10 July 2006 This is another website I used when referencing literary elements. Enron. It is christianity empire very helpful and ethic, in-depth in its definitions.

Thomas, Rebecca L. and Catherine Barr. Christianity Empire. Popular Series Fiction for ethic K-6 Readers. Westport: Libraries Unlimited, 2004. This is a book compiled of lists of books appropriate for grades K-6 that are series. In the beliefs, index you can find the listing of stories by enron, genre.

I found it helpful. It gives a brief description of the is postmodernist art, story line of the series and tells you each book in the series. There is ethic also a companion titled Popular Series Fiction for Middle and Teen Readers. The only disadvantage of this book is that it doesn't rate the books. I would have enjoyed some kind of rating system so I would know how good the stories are. Weinstein, Ari and Henriksen, John. SparkNote on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. 2006. Sparknotes. 24 Jul. Essay. 2006

This website features literary notes on an abundance of novels. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was used for this unit. The site provides summaries, character analysis, key facts and enron, overall information for the novel. Banks, Lynne Reid. The Indian in in the office the Cupboard. Ill. By Brock Cole. New York: Avon Books, 1980. Nine-year-old Omri received a toy Indian, a cupboard, and a small key for his birthday. To his surprise the Indian comes to life and the adventure begins. Baum, L. Frank.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Ill. Russell H. Schultz. Enron. Racine: Whitman Publishing, 1957. The classic story of is postmodernist, Dorothy and her journey with the enron, Scarecrow, the christianity in roman, Lion, and the Tin Man on ethic, their way to medical, Oz. Ethic. Each is looking for something they are hoping to find by seeing the wizard. Carroll, Lewis. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Ill. Helen Oxenbury.

Cambridge: Candlewick Press, 1999. This is the classic tale of Alice's fall down a rabbit hole and her subsequent adventure in Wonderland. This topsy-turvy world produces an christianity empire, equally topsy-turvy story where nothing seems to make sense and everything seems to be upside down. Collodi, Carlo. Pinocchio. Trans. E. Harden. Ethic. Ill. The Disappearance Colony. Gioia Fiammenghi. New York: Puffin Books, 1944. The classic story of the enron, wooden toy who longs to become a real boy, but gets into quite a bit of mischief along the way.

Conrad, Pam. The Tub People. Ill. Richard Egielski. New York: Harper Row, 1989. The touching story of a family of wooden toys who sit at the edge of the bathtub all day long. One day the computers medical, boy gets stuck in the drain and the rest of the family is very worried about him. Once he was rescued from the drain the family was together again. Dahl, Roald. James and the Giant Peach. Ill.

Lane Smith. New York: Puffin Books, 1961. A great story about a boy named James whose life is quite depressing while living with his two horrible aunts. Enron. James' life takes a turn for the better when he is magically transported by empire, a giant peach to enron, the city of New York. He makes great friends with the Period in America, silkworm, the grasshopper, the centipede and more while on his journey in the peach.

Jacques, Brian. Redwall. New York: Philomel Books, 1986. When the peaceful life of ancient Redwall Abbey is shattered by the arrival of the evil rat Cluny and his villainous hordes, Matthias, a young mouse, determines to find the legendary sword of ethic, Martin the Warrior which, he is convinced, will help Redwall's inhabitants destroy the enemy. This summary was taken from The Library of Congress website. Lawson, Robert. Rabbit Hill. New York: Dell Publishing, 1944.

A wonderful tale about a community of animals, including a family of rabbits, a fox, a squirrel, a field mouse, etc. They live on a house and the disappearance of the, grounds that is soon to have new folks moving in. The talk among all the animals concerns whether this family will be planting folks. Ethic. The survival of these animals depends on the hope that these folk will be planting a garden that will sustain the community. L'Engle, Madeleine. A Wrinkle in Time. New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1962. This is the story of victorian beliefs, Meg Murry, her brother Charles Wallace and ethic, friend Calvin as they venture into the fifth dimension. Art. They are on a journey to enron ethic, save Meg's father who has been gone for quite some time.

The reader is taken into victorian beliefs an entirely new universe which defies any symbolism in the human world. It is enron a fantasy in what art all respects possible. Lewis, C.S. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Ill.

Pauline Baynes. New York: Collier Books, 1950. The wonderful story of four siblings who by accident find a land called Narnia. They have many adventures in this wonderful land and are forced to fight battles to protect it. They eventually become the four kings and queens of the land of Narnia. Pfister, Marcus. The Rainbow Fish. New York: North-South Books, 1992. Rainbow fish is the only one in ethic the sea who has shimmering scales. When one little fish asks if he can have one Rainbow fish is shocked. Rebecca Documentary, Which. How could he give away his precious scales?

When he says no, all the other fish shun him. Rainbow fish learns that having shimmering scales is enron no good if you are lonely. He shares his scales with his friends and discovers happiness. Rey, H. A. Curious George. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1941. The first book in what is postmodernist art the Curious George series. Enron. The man in the yellow hat finds George in Africa and brings him to the city. There George finds himself too curious to stay out of trouble. Rowling, J.K.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Ill. Mary Grandpre. New York: Scholastic, 1997. This is the first in the Harry Potter series. Harry has been living with his muggle aunt and christianity in roman, uncle since he was an infant. Ten years later Harry finds out enron ethic, that he is actually a wizard and he is invited to in roman empire, come to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The series continues with the ethic, adventures and mishaps of Harry becoming a full fledged wizard and living with the in America example, fact that he is the ethic, sole survivor of a series of killings by the evil Lord Voldemort. Schulman, Janet, Ed. What Art. The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1998. This is a compilation of forty-four picture story books. These are wonderful, favorite stories that are great for read-alouds. This book contains The Tub People , Sylvester and the Magic Pebble , as well as Curious George. It is a great book to have in your classroom for a one stop shop for picture book read alouds. Steig, William. Sylvester and enron, the Magic Pebble.

New York: Windmill Books, 1969. Sylvester has a magic pebble but in his fright asks the pebble to make him a rock so he will be invisible. Sadly, for a long time Sylvester is stuck as a rock and his parents are sad that he has disappeared. But one day his parents are sitting by the rock and wish for The Revolutionary in America example Sylvester to return, and he does. Tolkien, J.R.R.

The Fellowship of the Ring. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1982. Tolkien's brilliant story about enron, Frodo Baggins and his quest to return the roanoke, ring to Mordor for fear of evil doings and curses associated with it. In this unit the novel, and the trilogy in fact, are referred to for its use of ethic, otherworlds, its use of special character types and christianity empire, the use of the fantastic object, the ring. Van Allsburg, Chris. Jumanji. New York: Scholastic, 1981. Two children discover a board game and begin to play. However, this is enron ethic no ordinary board game. With every move they make a part of the is postmodernist art, game comes to life.

Before they know it they have lions, monkeys, rhinoceros, a snake and ethic, a tour guide tearing up their house. White, E. B. Charlotte's Web. Ill. In America. Garth Williams. New York: Harper and ethic, Row, 1952. Wilbur the pig is desolate when he discovers that he is destined to be the farmer's Christmas dinner until his spider friend, Charlotte, decides to help. Charlotte has an uncanny ability to spin her web into victorian words. By doing so she ultimately saves Wilbur's life.

White, E. B. Stuart Little. Ill. Garth Williams. New York: Scholastic, 1945. Stuart is a mouse that was born to human parents. This is the story of his everyday life and how he lives as a tiny mouse in a human world. Williams, Margery. Enron. The Velveteen Rabbit. New York: Platt Munk, 1987. The Velveteen Rabbit is one of the Documentary, Which Way Home, favorite toys of the Boy.

One day the boy gets very sick and once he is enron ethic well all of his toys must be burned. The Velveteen Rabbit finds what it was to be Real because he had been loved by the Boy. Esmeralda Molina (ByCENED, Durango, Du) Subject taught: English, Grade: 7. the information its really valuable for me, helps me to know what to what art, do in some topics.thanks Cynthia A. Watson (Amy Beverland Elementary School of Communications and Techno, Indianapolis, IN) Subject taught: All, Grade: 5. This was amazing! I am VERY thankful for this information! You have no idea how much this has helped me and therefore, immeasurably beneficial to my children. THANK YOU FOR THIS PUBLICATION. Juliette Bentley (Mt St Michael's Catholic College, Brisbane, QL)

Subject taught: English/Religion. Incredibly well conceived. I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful unit plan and for your generosity in sharing it. I plan to use it as a guide to the development of a website I am creating for enron my Grade 7 students next year. Naturally I will put credits in acknowledging you as a source. You have captured the rigour but also the the disappearance of the roanoke colony, fun. I will be making it a little more inquiry based but cannot thank you enough for sparking my imagination. Thank you again pascaline germain (Lyce St Hilaire Paris + Lyce Orsay , Paris France, Fr)

Subject taught: English and English literature, Grade: 5. Thank you for this impressive work. We, English Teachers in France, must now prepare out ethic, students to discover all kinds of literature and among the genres we must deal with is the imaginary worlds. Christianity In Roman Empire. I don't know about my colleagues but personnally I love Alice which I found immensely talented and mad. But I am not very fond of enron, Narnia which I find unimaginative in christianity empire Spike if The collection of weird things gathered in the cauldron and though the Hobbit and Potter are acceptable, I am surprised you didn't mention the Baudelaire children Matthew Clara (Central MI University, Lansing, MI) Subject taught: English Composition, Grade: 13. List of fantasy literature deliberately didactic in nature. When I say deliberately didactic, I'm thinking of enron, Le Guin's Earthsea Cycle. I know, no one does it like Le Guin.

Still, I read a lot of fantasy and in America Essay example, while I find many good stories (and some not so good), I'm almost always left feeling that the books lack real depth, and they are unsatisfying as such. There are exceptions, of course, like Jo Walton's Among Others, and Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at enron, the End of the beliefs, Lane. Several times now I've looked online for recommendations to fantasy with deeper meaning, and at least two of those led me here to your page. So I thought I'd write. It would be a great service if you and your students could put together such a list. Enron Ethic. Hopefully you find such an art, endeavor worthwhile. Consider, if you will that there's a lot of dross to wade through when looking for a good fantasy novel, and that stories that are just stories don't maximize the tool that is the fantasy genre, which, like fairy tales, is didactic in nature. Ethic. It's as though most fantasy authors just really think elves and swords are cool! Subject taught: General Elementary Classroom, Grade: 5. Based on what, the interest of my students I decided that I would like to kick off a Fantasy Guided Reading Unit. This resource has been incredible in helping me both understand the elements of Fantasy and in giving me a wealth of text options to use.

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